Airdate: October Road

7TWO will air ABC drama October Road later this month.

The series follows Nick Garrett (played by former One Tree Hill star Bryan Greenberg), who after a decade returns to his hometown of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts.

The show had two seasons, totalling 19 episodes, before it was cancelled. The cast also included Tom Berenger.

Popular author Nick Garrett hopes to get over his writer’s block by going back to his small hometown in Knights Ridge, Massachusetts. Once back home on October Road, he must face the people he wrote about unfavorably in his successful novel and whom he has avoided for the past ten years. Those he hopes to re-connect with include his widowed father, the close-knit group of friends he said goodbye to shortly after high school graduation, and the ex-girlfriend who may have had his child

Nick gets an offer to teach a one-day course at Dufresne College, the small liberal arts school in his hometown. He sees this as an opportunity to tap back into that which initially inspired him. However he burned his connection to his past when he used his friends and family as characters in his bestselling novel, in the process casting their lives in a less-than-flattering light. Consequently the hometown response to Nick’s return is less than festive.

Nick’s old friends include best friend Eddie Latekka, who is disappointed that Nick abandoned their dream of starting a business together; there’s also the good-hearted and straightforward Owen Rowan, whose family life appears the picture of perfection; the well-meaning but sometimes obnoxious Ikey; and Physical Phil, a lovable recluse since 9/11 who has adapted to living his life indoors.

Before he left town, Nick told his high school girlfriend, Hannah Daniels, that he’d be back in six weeks. Now ten years later, the jilted but never-married Hannah has decided to forget Nick’s unfulfilled promise and go on with her life. She is a single mom raising her nine-year-old son, the bright and charming Sam. Nick sees coincidences indicating that Sam might be his son.

It premieres 9:30pm Monday September 20th.


  1. Aww, love this show. We imported it on DVD years ago now, so its been a while. Great little light-hearted drama.

    @ Mike: apart from plot parallels, i wouldn’t really compare to Garden State. Similar, but different tone and not as eccentric.

  2. This is the show I wrote to Channel 7 about a few months ago asking will it ever air ?? They sent a standard letter saying thankyou for taking the time to write to us with your suggestions.We value all feedback etc..
    and Thankyou Channel 7 for scheduling it !! Now just keep it on in the same timeslot til its natural final episode .

  3. ETA – I just checked, this was one other the new shows promised for the 2008 season on Seven… I still have the New Years trailer they ran right after midnight promoting the coming shows for 2008. I know it was cancelled in it’s 2nd year but WTF happened Seven?

    Fans of the show would have seen this years ago, but I guess it could be a good time to revisit the show.

  4. Only about 3 years after Seven first promoted it n their new years trailer of shows coming soon!

    It a great show but way too late 7TWO.

    BTW the hottie from That 70’s Show also stars in this drama.

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