ELEVEN locks in final shows

It's Smallville for Sundays and Supernatural and Dexter for Mondays.

ELEVEN has now confirmed its key programming for Sundays and Mondays as follows:

Sunday 16 Jan
7:30pm New Zealand’s Next Top Model
8:30pm Smallville S8E1 “Odyssey”
9:30pm Smallville S8E2 “Plastique”
10:30pm Angel
11:30pm Angel

Monday 17 Jan
7:30pm Futurama
8:00pm Futurama
8:30pm Supernatural S5 E10 “Abandon All Hope”
9:30pm Dexter S4E1 “Living the Dream”
10:30pm The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

They join previously announced classic TV episodes which continue daytime and late night.

Of the shows that were announced for the channel this leaves Dollhouse, One Tree Hill, Melrose Place, Top Model (UK) plus reruns of Sex and the City, The 4400, Charmed, Star Trek, Star Trek: Voyager, Becker, The King of Queens, Walker Texas Ranger and Frasier as unscheduled. But there was no commitment they would be part of the the channel launch.

TV Tonight can confirm that The Late Show with David Letterman will be remaining on TEN and not shifting to ELEVEN as planned.

A revised Guide is now available at Advance Guides.

ELEVEN launches at 11am Tuesday January 11.

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  1. Why does Channel ten always do this give you a bit of show and stuff it around put it on pull off repeatedly then put it on ELEVEN an entire new channel and you think well it will stay on and then it disappears. Where is 90210 gone again i’, so sick of this now i know why i wait for OTH and Supernatural to come out on DVD in the us and buy them at least then you are only a season behind and not getting an episode here and there i think i will do the same with 90210 and forget about TV.

  2. Ergh, horrible treatment of One Tree Hill by the network-again. Last time it aired was on Sundays at Noon but would randomly change sometimes to Saturdays at 3pm.. that was airing Season 6, which somehow despite flipflopping times managed to get around 150,000 viewers in.. You’d think that a show with that much pull during daytime could be moved, be actually promoted, and actually taken to primetime on Eleven. Oh, and OTH is nearly the end of it’s 8th season in the U.S.. so they’re officially 2 seasons behind.

    As for Smallville… isn’t America up to Season Ten? 2 seasons behind.

    Melrose Place– a whole series behind (haha, couldn’t resist)

    Don’t get me started on 90210– 4 seasons behind.

  3. P.S. the models I’m referring to are disc recorders also (BD or DVD), so even if the HDD does manage to get almost full you can still move shows onto a (erasable) disc in the meantime. There’s no reason for anyone to ever “not have enough room” these days. Sounds like it’s been a long time since you looked into this.

  4. A, for any clashes with something on the ABC, you know it’ll be repeated on the ABC again at some point, probably multiple times, so I don’t see the dilemma. As for DVR’s not having enough “memory” for you, Panasonic has models with 500Gb HDD, which is enough for 72 hours of full-HD content, 2 to 3 times more than that for SD, and even more again if you lower the record quality – room for 200-300 hours worth of programs isn’t enough?

  5. the 3rd weeks advanced guide is out. lineup is exactly the same as the 2nd except after Stargate they are playing at 9:30 Star Trek: Next Generation. don’t know why they have chosen to play that there. they should really be playing something new like Dollhouse in that slot. after Craig at 11:30 they should play some of the other hour shows like Star Trek, Charmed, Walker, 4400 and so on.

    but Im sure they’re planning to play new shows in Feb when ratings starts. I’ve noticed too they’ve returned shows now that we are real behind on like Smallville, Supernatural, Office, Futurama, Cleveland, Stargate and Dexter. its like they are getting a head start before ratings start.

  6. Ok, we have a time slot for Supernatural. Please leave it be now, Channel Ten. Don’t repeat your past mistake and air it inconsistently by changing timeslots, running it later than it’s designated time and leaving gaps between episodes. To catch us up, how about airing it twice a week, or playing double epi’s until we are caught up to 6.11 with the rest of the world.

  7. todays Tivo update fixed the start times, thank god cause I was getting worried there.

    for those who wanna know, Eleven’s first and only movie next week is ‘I Spy’ on Sat Nite at 9:30. the next week is ‘Harlem Nights’ which I’ve been wanting to see for a while. 11 must love eddie murphy, 2 of his movies. but I would have thought Nine would have picked up I Spy since its a Sony movie.

  8. It is a shame that another digital channel is launching that has so many old re-runs in the lineup. I guess everything costs money but it is a shame that some of the interesting shows around in the US can’t find their way to our screens, or find their way to decent timeslots. I loved Family Ties when it was on air in the late 80s, but it is now 2011 and it should not be in prime time. When are the networks going to give us quality programming in reasonable timeslots??

  9. it would be cool if Supernatural was on 2 times a week, or double episodes back to back, so they can at least “catch up”

    by the time they finish the current season…. the new season currently showing would be all but over!

    its like 90’s, 00’s all over again!

  10. @ Goonies

    I used to be the VCR addict in my family. I taped stuff 5-10 times a week (and that could be a light week). Then they decided to sell me VCRs that couldn’t pick up half the channels about 10 years ago. I continued taping stuff but my favourite channel the ABC I couldn’t get. It convinced me to give it up. Also they invented these new things called DVDs. So if I want to see something and I miss it: I watch it on DVD. I also love the extras. By the way getting rid of the extras on DVD and putting them on Blu-ray will be a mistake because that might convince me to get something else instead. Especially at ridiculous prices.

    In other words I don’t trust PVRs. Also I don’t need them. So far. At the time I looked into them (or something like them) they had ridiculous memory. That didn’t meet my needs at the time. It gave me just enough time to give up my habit and replace it with another. It also means I don’t see ads or worse electronic garbage the networks put on the shows (i.e. watermarks as well as annoying and inappropriately placed promos plus other electronic rubbish). And I’m not at the mercy of their whims. So if they want me to watch their shows they better choose a sensible day and time also possibly repeat it just in case they haven’t.

  11. whats “distinctly youthful” about Touched By An Angel ??
    or Diagnosis Murder ? these shows shouldnt be on Eleven at all.
    Instead in their place it should be the original Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson’s Creek.

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