Extra $5.6m to upgrade Docklands studios

Melbourne’s Docklands studios are about to get an upgrade to attract more television productions.

Fairfax newspapers report the Victorian Government plans to spend $10 million to upgrade Central City Studios and modify the largest sound stage to enable it to host two television productions simultaneously. Until now it can host only one production at a time.

Upgrades will include new flooring suitable for TV productions, additional storage facilities to house sets, and the widening of roads throughout the studio complex to improve access for large trucks.

Some of the money will also be allocated to a study to establish the feasibility of building a horizon tank for film work.

The government announced $4.4 million in the May budget. The additional $5.6 million is new money, not contingent on the Brumby government being re-elected in November.

Seven is currently filming Iron Chef Australia at Docklands and Beat the Star was also filmed there. TEN has been filming Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation at Docklands while Nine has used the site for 1 vs 100 and Hole in the Wall. It has also housed Satisfaction, The Pacific and Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

When Nine relocates to a nearby corporate centre, it is expected to draw upon the site more.

However the issue for many Victorian producers has not been one of facilities at Central City Studios -but the whopping pricetag to rent it.

Source: smh.com.au


  1. Also, I think it’s a bit cheap how the networks are selling their studios and then relying on the government’s purpose built studios for their shows.
    I thought Central City was meant for film production?

  2. I think they need to sell the studios to private operators. And I think it needs to be sexed up a bit. It looks awful, and it’s embarrassing to think that international crews etc have to see one of the ugliest areas of Melbourne. I mean, a tin metal fence, a terrible logo, and even the unmade carpark are unsightly. Why not make it a bit of a tourist attraction? God knows Melbourne needs one.
    Anyone who’s been to Hollywood and seen WB or Paramount would know what I mean.
    It may be functional and expensive, but it’s butt ugly.

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