GEM misses starting time

It was cheekily promised to screen before 7mate's launch, but GEM fails to arrive as promised today.

Nine’s new digital channel GEM has missed it’s promised starting time of 12 midday today.

The channel, aimed at women over 35, was due to “soft-launch” with classic movie Singin’ ‘in the Rain.

But at midday Channel 90 was still simulcasting the Nine signal, showing The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

A Nine spokesperson told  TV Tonight the channel will now arrive as per its official launch, 6am Sunday morning.

Nine was understood to be working up until the eleventh hour to get the channel to air today but technical issues with a playout centre in Newcastle meant it could not arrive on time.

GEM was cheekily planned by Nine to hit screens ahead of 7mate’s official launch tomorrow.

Fans of NRL will be able to see games in HD before Sunday as a result of GEM’s late delivery.

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  1. Thursday I caught the end of the Daily show here in QLD (11:30 – Noon) and they had a segment on GEM.

    IMO this is just a case of Nine trying to jump Seven and screwing up at the last minute… Um is the network run from India?

  2. can someone Please explain why on earth, both Seven and Nine are chomping up their HD channels with, let’s face it, crap?

    Any good business-person doesn’t need to learn, let alone be told, you save your best stuff for your flagship.

    Mmmm… NRL grand final in glorious SD! And I can’t wait to watch re-runs of New Adventures of Old Christine is glorious up-converted SD to HD!! : /

    Are they serious!!!

  3. Hi sorry link is broken on previous post. try ntnews.com.au/article/2010/09/24/181821_ntnews.html I believe the article warrants further clarification as I am not convinced some of the information is correct.

  4. Can anybody please clarify the inforrmation for me please? I saw the article in NT News on ntnews.com.au/article/2010/09/2…821_ntnews.html and it says GEM will be on channel 99? the same channel as GO? I am not convinced that NT News is right in what it says and the article warrants further clarfication. I am convinced that GEM is on LCN 90, not 99.

  5. Does anyone know who is programming GEM? If they demonstrate the same level of insight into the “female” audience as the main channel it will be funny and sad at the same time. These are the same people who think Les Hill is a leading man, and that Sam Newman is a network asset.

  6. I hope when Eleven launches, Ten will have enough viewership to destroy seven and nine, both of them don’t kow how to program there show properly with the exception of PTTR, Big Bang Theory and two & 1/2 Men

  7. Let that be lesson to you Channel 9, don’t rush into launching a new channel until you’ve actually thought it through carefully.

    Back to the drawing boards for Ch9 & the plans to launch GEM.


  8. msd is right. It’s not a surprise that this has happened considering GEM has just been thrown together in a fortnight with not much thought. 11 on the other hand will probably blow the competition out of the water because it’s a well thought out channel which Ten have carefully planned for over a year.

  9. Oh there are issues at NBN alright – 80, 81 and 350 have been added all showing as “GEM”. (my Tivo).

    No local news breaks today, instead they are vision overlays with voice overs, which only happens on weekends. So something seems to be amiss there.

  10. What a shame It didnt come together, was looking forward to the NRL tomorrow night, being in Adelaide The lame version of ch 9 here doesnt deem it important enough to show games live, something must be done!

  11. @ Bazza – There was an ad on Nine Perth this morning showing the three channels and to go to freeview.com.au for more details.

    Will shows like Old Christine start from Ep 1 now considering the episode was meant to start tonight ?

  12. David: How does this affect ratings tonight? I assume Nine have informed OzTam of the Gem guide as expected, and thus programs that screen on Gem until Sunday morning won’t count towards overnight ratings figures for Nine. Correct?

  13. Why not launch it in a couple of weeks time and get it right? It will be a pity for viewers if these channels are just put cobbled together at the last minute – they will have no structure or direction.

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