Renewed: Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva.

Good news for a number of shows that aren’t necessarily the big hitters but have their fans.

Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva have been renewed by the Lifetime network in the US.

It will be a fifth season for Army Wives which has had screenings in Australia on TEN. Drop Dead Diva‘s second season began on GO! this week.

Both shows will return next year with 13 new episodes.

Meanwhile The CW is picking up six additional scripts for Hellcats, currently screening on GO! and longtime drama One Tree Hill, coming back to screens here on Eleven.

Both shows are currently ordered for 13 episodes.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. @Benjamin – Eleven will not be in HD, it will be an SD channel, OHE HD will remain TENs only HD channel.

    BTW I gave up on OTH years ago on TEN, been watching older eps on W with the hope they will go through the whole series at some point, same for Supernatural and Smallville, been watching them elsewhere as well.

  2. – Eleven is not going to be in HD. One HD will remain, Eleven will be replacing the ONE Standard Digital service. (Channel 12)

    Yay for Drop Dead Diva getting a third season 🙂

  3. Ch 10’s new Hd channel ‘Eleven’ is showing the 7th season of OTH next year. I’ve seen the whole 7th season by purchasing the s7 dvd boxset last month via The 8th season has just started last week in the states.

    ‘Eleven’ won’t show the remaining eps of “Supernatural s5” next year, & yet the s5 dvd is out now in the states & here on November 10th. Even “Smallville s8” which hasn’t been shown here , after the late 10HD channel finished showing the 7th season last year. The “Smallville s8” Dvd was relaesed last year, & the s9 dvd has been released in the states – of which I’ve got via, & am half-way watching all the eps.

    The same can be said about the other 2 CSI spin-offs.

    Ch 9 & 10 are showing tv shows that have had their season dvds released a month or year before they get around to be shown on fta. It should be tv screenings before dvd realease, not Dvd release before fta screening!.

  4. Great news for these under rated show…

    Unfortunately I think TEN has first rights to Army Wives, so we have to wait for the next series before W gets it’s shot, maybe ch11 will air it?

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