Top Gear Australia update

Buoyed by good figures for its first episode with new hosts, Nine has now confirmed it will return Top Gear Australia following the Commonwealth Games.

The show netted a healthy 1.53m viewers on Tuesday night. It has Shane Warne and Lisa McCune as guests in the second episode.

In episode two our hosts take on the ultimate challenge for grey nomads – hitching caravans to cheap 4WDs to see if the great Australian retirement motoring journey is still possible on a tight budget.

Shane Warne, cricket superstar and car buff, makes a guest appearance and road tests the latest British super car at the legendary Silverstone racetrack.

Other challenges in the coming weeks see our blokes living out their teenage motoring fantasies. Ewen drives a Ford performance V8 racing car through the streets of inner Sydney, then the boys travel across the Tasman to make the most of New Zealand’s dangerous roads with their own Top Gear Australia version of the legendary Race to the Sky, an annual hillclimb to the summit of a mountain near Queenstown.

Our hosts will drive 40-year-old cars they bought on the internet along 4WD-only tracks with sailing boats in tow. Their ambition is to sail on Lake Eyre in South Australia which is filling for the first time in decades. And finally they’ll find out if you can really rock your baby to sleep in a thundering V8.

Steve Pizzati takes viewers through our new Celebrity Test Track before brave Lisa McCune becomes our first celebrity victim. Upcoming celebrity test drivers include Michael Clarke, The Chaser Boys, and legendary Aussie rocker Jimmy Barnes.

It resumes 7:30pm Tuesday October 19th.


  1. crap, crap crap
    As Peter A said above “he original Top Gear works so well because of the hosts”
    The current 3 guys are not funny, they are boring, they just don’t have what it take to make this show work like the original show.
    Drop it channel nine, save your money, it will not work in Australia

  2. I hope it works, I really do. My main concern is the original Top Gear works so well because of the hosts. Yes it is fun, yes some of the challenges are clearly a set up, and the photography is the best for any show on TV, but if it wasn’t for the hosts, it probably wouldn’t be as popular as it is. Will the Aussie boys have the same chemistry, well that remains to be seen? Time will tell.

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