2.09m as Dragons blitz NRL Grand Final

2.09m viewers watched the NRL Grand Final last night as the Dragons dominated the Roosters.

2.09m viewers watched the NRL Grand Final last night as the Dragons dominated the Roosters 32-8.

The win ended a 31-year premiership drought for the Dragons. It was also join venture club St George Illawarra’s first title, having lost the 1999 grand final to Melbourne.

The twilight game helped drive Nine to a winning Sunday night, although Seven ranked a respectable second.

With some cities enjoying a Monday public holiday and events such as the NRL and Commonwealth Games, figures should be viewed with some context.

That said, Learn India With Hamish & Andy (1.23m) won its slot over 60 Minutes (1.22m) and The X Factor (1.11m average across its two hours).

Sunday Night was 1.04m, Offspring (935,000) and Stephen Fry Live at the Sydney Opera House did well with 872,000.

TEN’s Commonwealth Games lead in Good News Week: Delhi 2010 was 509,000 and a special Games Project 301,000 in select cities. The Opening Ceremony averaged just 414,000 for its midnight start (AEDT) -the ratings cut-off for Sunday is 2am. Tonight will be a much better indicator of audience interest.

The Big Bang Theory on GO! was the top digital channel show with 308,000 and the channel pulled the biggest share on 4.1%. But 7mate took second place in only its second week with 3.2% while GEM had to settle for fifth with 0.9%. Update: Nine advises figures for GEM were affected by simulcast figures allocated to Nine. There were also issues switching back to GEM programming in Melbourne and Perth.

Last year’s NRL final was 2.52m.

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  1. @boganpride – Yeah, your idiosyncratic use of capitals and punctuation would certainly seem to indicate that you don’t hail from one of those “less educated states”. Thank the stars that you’re so smart and wise.

    This topic is so last week. Can we put it to bed now?

  2. I prefer nrl. but i don’t really care who rates highest. but i will give this little theory.
    People in NSW and qld. Are more worldly, More intelligent, They are more open minded. We are more aware of events outside of our own little world. Than those from vic, s.a. w.a, tas. So even though nrl is the major sport (outside cricket) for those two states. We still watch afl. Maybe , we mightn’t be as fanatic about it as those from our poorer, less educated states. But we still do watch it. Which gives the afl, a more complete coverage of the country.

  3. When are people going to give up these stupid code war comparisons? The networks know which is more popular and pay accordingly. Here’s a clue, all the Roy Masters style games people play to try and make the NRL appear more popular than the AFL, like conflating events, rounding up/round down, including/excluding regionals, ignoring reach, ignoring scheduling and basically doing everything they can to avoid an apples to apples comparison don’t actually make it so, and aren’t going to persuade any TV exec to spend more money. So please just shut up and get on with enjoying your sport.

  4. Not sure why the NRL and AFL always get mentioned together.The NRL Final is shown in Prime Time and the AFL Grand Final is afternoon viewing,as we all know Prime Time generally means more people home watching tv.Channel 7 wanted a night final just for that reason but was dismissed by the AFL

  5. Yep here in Perth and apparently Melbourne and maybe Adelaide there were issues in that we just had the same programming (Ch9 programming on both Nine and GEM).

    You would Hope that each time live sport is shown they don’t have these issues still.

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