ABC beefs up YouTube content

ABC has added a number of long-form shows to YouTube.

The ABC has increased its content that is available via YouTube, with full episodes of popular shows being added.

Google told its blog audience, “We’re really happy to announce that the ABC has added long-form shows to YouTube.

“Now you can watch separate channels for comedy, entertainment and documentaries, which showcase full episodes of great Australian-made shows.

“The huge list of shows includes, Review With Myles Barlow, Surfing The Menu, Enough Rope With Andrew Denton, The Librarians, John Safran’s Race Relations, Good Game, We Can Be Heroes, Hungry Beast, The Gruen Transfer, Aunty Jack, A Shared Table and so many more.”

The episodes are in addition to those already available via iView.

We Can Be Heroes will soon get another run Wednesday nights on ABC1.

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  1. the BBC do manage to have a You Tube account, without the problem of ads, I assume ABC can do the same.

    Being someone who enjoys ABC content, its a shame the full episodes are blocked in the UK Im thinking now that ABC is putting up full episodes they will have full episdoes uploaded by others deleted.

    I know I dont pay the Austrlian taxes for ABC, but alot of the ABCs content is unlikely to be aired elsewhere, so it wont hurt future sales, infact I would say the only way most ABC content will sell is with people being able to watch it on something like YouTube.

  2. can i just say, i only discovered “Review With Myles Barlow” the last few eps of the recent season. It was great. How on earth did I never hear or see anything about it until i randomly switched on to it? It was friggin’ hilarious!

  3. The ABC really are at the head of the pack as far as tech goes. After spending 15 mins trying to find if The Big C was available from some sort of catch-up service via Nine (I couldn’t find it) I gave up and, literally less than a minute later, started watching U.S of Tara on iView.

    Now that the three commercial stations all have some sort of program replay service (all vastly inferior to iView) the ABC raises the bar again by releasing full programs thru YouTube.

    ABC 1 : Nine network minus several million

  4. Jeremy, I’ve been reading a lot of international comments on ABC’s YouTube channels saying they’ve been geo-blocked in the last few months. I believe the BBC’s YouTube content is blocked for Australians too?

    As for those Google ads, I have no idea who gets a cut from that! Do those people posting videos of them watching their cats fall asleep share in ad revenue? 🙂

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