Returning: Human Target. Bumped: Dark Blue.

Human Target returns to GO! next Wednesday but Dark Blue is shifting to GEM.

Human Target returns to GO! next Wednesday at 8:30pm.

Starring Mark Valley, it picks up with Episode 7 “Salvage and Reclamation.”

Chance reunites with a fiery former flame when he is called to South America to rescue an archaeologist whose discovery of a lost treasure makes him the target of a deadly bounty hunter, and
a South American army

Meanwhile Dark Blue, will no longer play at 10:30pm, replaced with yet more The Big Bang Theory (if they would stay still long enough we could count up how many eps a week that is).

However, a week later there will be a double Spartacus at 9:30pm to wrap up the season.

Dark Blue will shift to GEM, to return at Tuesday November 2nd at 10:30 pm.

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  1. Not that I’m complaining about it’s return but between this, Glee/Good Wife/House on Ten, new eps of Family Guy and American Dad on 7Mate, as well as The Big C and Weeds on Gem, my Wednesday schedule is far too jam-packed! How will my IQ cope?!?

  2. what the F ?

    geez, at least let them finish the season off. they only had a few left, how about let them finish the season off and wait a week or two and air Season 2 of Dark Blue on Gem!! sure this show isn’t really a youth program but you should have thought of that Before starting a show! thats crazy programming there, DB may be suited more for Gem since its a crime show but what they are doing over at Nine is just stupid!

  3. I asked on their Facebook page why it was taken off and when it was coming back as it was not in the advanced guides and the next day they make an announcement on their page it is coming back…. coincidence ?

    Go is way to much ratings obsessed the complete opposite to Ten that sticks with the 7 pm project etc.

  4. Gave up on Nine years ago. Anything I want to watch that Nine has the rights to, I watch by “other means”. Must be next to impossible to follow a series now that viewers have to chase it over three channels.

  5. So does that mean Dark Blue is doing so badly that it has been relegated to another channel.
    Or is it doing so well it’s being promoted.

    Must change the Tivo.
    When programmes change stations the season settings can’t cope.
    Obviously don’t have these issues in the US

  6. All these changes to Go and Gem are a joke. If I didn’t read this blog, I would have no idea. My workmates have given up following any programs any more because they never screen a whole series. They only watch movies and just buy DVDs of any series they really like.

  7. free to air multichannel is a joke. how are we supposed to set a dvr to musical chairs programming? thank god for foxtel. once a show starts in a timeslot, they plough on through until they run out of episodes. it’s a pity freeview is wresting great shows away from foxtel channels, only to replace them every three weeks with big bang or the nanny. how long will an intelligent sci-fi drama like caprica last on 7mate?

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