1. “For a week from October 24, World News Australia will feature snippets of old news bulletins at the end of every broadcast, reminding viewers of the headlines that have grabbed our attention over the past 30 years, and the way SBS covered those crucial news stories.” – This didn’t actually happen, did It?

  2. I miss Des Mangan’s cult movies on SBS. I even miss things like King Wally Otto a.k.a. Robbie McGregor doing the voice overs for their program bumpers.

  3. I’m also disappointed that SBS won’t replay that “Who Are We” documentary, nor any anniversary documentaries or even the 20 year documentary “20/20 Vision”. Or re-runs of Fat Pizza! Some old idents would make it even better (a few years ago Seven aired the “Hello Melbourne” promo multiple times, I reckon it was a great, effortless way to celebrate their 50 years or whatever it was). I’d kill to see the entire first few hours of the opening of 0-28!

  4. @ Stan – it seems you aren’t watching many of the movies on SBS these days, there are often three ad breaks now – sometimes quite close together, it’s a gradual increase but maybe soon we’ll some movies between the ads.

  5. @owl I agree totally, I mean maybe the ads can remain in normal shows but when SBS shows a film they shouldn’t put ads in between them.

    That was what made SBS very unique, free of ads and I for one supported that.

  6. I find that the only downside to SBS is SBS World News which is far from neutral.

    Otherwise, SBS has always been a great alternative to everything else on offer. It has contributed well to my life. I loved shows, such as Alchemy, Life Support, John Safran’s Music Jamboree, Eat Carpet, In Siberia Tonight, Newstopia and the list goes on. Here’s hoping for another 30 years of quality productions.

  7. Geez! They only have two commercial breaks per-movie that last a total of six minutes! SBS have been taking ads since 1991. It’s time some people built a bridge & got over it already!

    Andrew B, maybe SBS should commission something mainstream like Border Security to get them over your line? That’ll rate through the roof.

    Happy birthday, SBS. May you last another thirty.

  8. Sure, there’s some valid of criticisms of SBS but there’s still plenty across their platforms I enjoy wholeheartedly. They maintain a much higher quality control than the McChannels.

  9. For me it’s the great doco’s and real journalism that makes SBS such a great station. Jenny Brockie never gives away her opnion when she runs Insight, she stays neutral the whole time, like a journalist should. So many shows on the other channels could learn alot from watching Jenny.

    Well done on 30 years SBS, I hope your funding continues.

  10. It’s a pity that SBS couldn’t dig enough into their archive to present a replay of the Who Are We documentary, and telemovie Three Sea Wolves (starring Chantal Contouri) which were both produced for opening night.

    And I remember all the fuss about the channel not being received across Sydney as so many of them didn’t have antennas that could pick up Channel 0!

  11. If SBS really want to give us a birthday present, prehaps they could stop inserting ads in the middle of movies. It really does interrupt the flow of a film and the corresponding experience of that film. I accept they need to have ads and even accept them during certain TV programmes, but in films they merely destroy the coherence of the film. I never watch films on commercial TV for the same reason – it is not, for the most part, the experience the filmmaker intended. Let them have double the ads at the beginning and the end (if they’re intreresting we’d watch them!!) Then I’d really celebrate their birthday!!

  12. @GG says “SBS had a great tradition of edgy Monday night comedy”

    Well, not too edgy – as far as I know they still haven’t shown the “Bloody Mary” episode of South Park.

  13. Ah, I remember when Mary read the news, before the idiots employed Stan and lost her. Love Lee Lin Chin & Janice Peterson & Anton, but sad to lose Neena.
    I remember watching Rex and lots of movies, before they put ads in them.
    I remember the best of all – a 30 minute news program, with all the bloody sport in a separate program afterwards!
    We used to watch SBS a lot, but these days only the news and Shameless (recorded to skip ads).
    Celebrate 30 years by sacking the CEO please.

  14. Wonder if Margaret Pomeranz, one of the original producers and presenters and her iconic co-star Mr Stratton will be invited to the proceedings, especially after their show was one of the most popular for 18 years!

  15. Hope the government gives more money to SBS in the next round of funding
    especially considering that all the other networks will have 3 unique channels and SBS will be left out as we head to the close off date for analogue .

  16. 0-28, the 28 being UHF. Reminds me how everyone was supposed to migrate to UHF-only eventually, and SBS did stop transmitting on 0… 30 years later and the others all still have their VHF channels! Wonder if the analogue turn-off will go down the same path? 🙂

    In regards to the acronym, one of my mates called it Silly Bloody Station. 🙂

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