Sony joins PLUS7

PLUS7 signs up nearly 100 hours of archive content from Sony including The Larry Sanders Show, Get Smart and Just Shoot Me.

Yahoo!7 and Sony Pictures Television have entered an agreement that will see new TV shows being added to online catch-up site PLUS7.

It will see the addition of nearly 100 hours of archive content with such shows as The Larry Sanders Show, Get Smart (two instant classics!), The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Ned and Stacey, The Dana Carvey Show, Dilbert and Just Shoot Me.

“This new content partnership with Sony Pictures Television means that PLUS7 viewers will have access to even more premium content – on demand. Since its launch earlier this year, PLUS7 has grown to feature over 75 programmes and is averaging 1.3 million streams per month, providing Yahoo!7’s audience with access to the biggest range of shows, when they want to watch them” said Kath Hamilton, Director of Audience, Yahoo!7.

The deal follows PLUS7 content becoming available to PlayStation 3 users earlier this year.

The content will become available over the next twelve months.

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  1. Why will it take 12 months for this old content to be made available? All this stuff is already available overseas so why, once the agreement has been signed, do we have to wait so long for it?

  2. @Tomothy : Do a software update and it should auto-download and install.

    Wish they’d add Iron Chef Australia – frustrated at the limited range of shows (though I’ve rediscovered Drop the Dead Donkey which is still good).

  3. Ned & Stacey, cool!
    The quality of Plus7 on the PS3 is great, But the major problem is only a few selected programs from Plus7 are on the PS3. the rest you have to watch on your computer in lower quality/smaller screen.

  4. @Josh Word is this issue is of the same variety as the Fairfax Print/Fairfax Digital internal feud.
    Basically, it’s the Digital guys at Seven in a showdown with the Sales guys; the concern is that enticing more people to move to the less financially lucrative PS3 platform is simply bad business.

  5. Dana Carvey on a “catch-up” site? I didn’t think that had ever been shown here (certainly never noticed it anyway) – would’ve loved to see that. Would rather see it on TV than over the ‘net.

  6. @SC: looks to me that Sony has signed two different deals: one with Channel Nine for new programs plus programs from the Sony library for TV broadcast, and with Yahoo!7 for programs from the Sony library only.

  7. Seven is developing an interesting little collection with this service. They’ve got their own shows, plus GO! shows (Get Smart, Just Shoot Me), an ABC show (Outnumbered), and an ex-SBS show (Drop the Dead Donkey). They’ve clearly decided to start using PLUS7 as a “fourth channel” as much as a catch-up service, which I applaud.

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