Airdate: The Silence

Next month ABC1 airs The Silence, a four-part UK drama written by Australian screenwriter Fiona Seres.

Seres has written for Tangle, Satisfaction, Love My Way, Dangerous, Fireflies and The Surgeon.

Amelia identifies one of Jane Shilliday’s killers – a detective on the drugs squad. DCI Peter MacKinnon, better known as Mac (Rod Hallett), heads up the successful drugs squad. Jim (Douglas Henshall) becomes increasingly suspicious that there is corruption on a large scale in the squad and that the murder of the policewoman, Jane Shilliday, who was romantically involved with drugs squad copper Rocky (Richie Campbell), is connected.

Jim’s position on Shilliday’s murder investigation becomes increasingly compromised as his own team on the murder squad close in on the very witness he is trying to protect: Amelia.

Amelia offers to lip read surveillance DVDs for Jim. She lip reads a conversation between Rocky and a recently-murdered informant – revealing that the drugs squad are on the take.

With the evidence stacking up against the drugs squad, it is only a matter of time before Jim’s colleagues find out who the unknown key witness to the murder is.

It begins at 8:30pm Friday, 3 December.


  1. I caught the UK airing of this, thought it was okay but not great. I’m afraid in her quest to create realistic and complex characters, Seres is increasingly creating unlikeable ones—a problem that was already weighing down Tangle.

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