Airdate: Sisters

TEN's new drama series is premiering later this month.

New Australian drama, Sisters, begins on TEN later this month.

The series from producer Imogen Banks (Offspring, Puberty Blues, Tangle) stars Maria Angelico, Lucy Durack & Antonia Prebble plus Barry Otto, Magda Szubanski, Catherine McClements Roy Billings.

The 7 part series is written by Michael Lucas, Jonathan Gavin, Benjamin Law & Monica Zanet.

What if you spent your whole life thinking you were an only child, only to find out you had more than 100 adult siblings who now wanted to meet you?

Julia Bechly’s (Maria Angelico) life is turned upside down when her father, IVF pioneer Julius Bechly (Barry Otto), makes a death-bed confession that his award-winning career as a fertility specialist was propped up by the use of his own sperm. As a secret donor, Julius admits that he could potentially be the father of hundreds of children.

As the media latch on to the IVF scandal, Julia’s overdeveloped sense of responsibility leads her to a fateful decision: rather than resisting the tsunami of siblings rushing towards her, she welcomes the wave of strangers with open arms. But has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Within a sea of brothers, Julia learns that she has only two sisters: troubled children’s television star, Roxy Karibas (Lucy Durack), and belligerent lawyer, Edie Flanagan (Antonia Prebble).

Alongside Maria, Lucy, Antonia and Barry, Sisters features a superb all-star cast including Magda Szubanski, Roy Billing, Catherine McClements, Dan Spielman, Charlie Garber, Lindsay Farris and Joel Creasey.

Filled with joy, heartache and surprise, Sisters is an uplifting story about what happens when a group of people, from all different walks of life, are suddenly united by a genetic and biological revelation.

Sisters is produced by Endemol Shine Banks with principal production investment from Screen Australia and with the assistance of Film Victoria.

8.40pm Wednesday 25 October on TEN.

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