Californication: trailer

Season 4 of Californication starts in the US in January.

So that’s what Rob Lowe has been doing?

No word on when we’ll see this one. The show was not on the list for ELEVEN. But it’s probably on Family First’s list….



  1. Rob Lowe is now a regular on the upcoming season of Parks and Recreation, but I hope he won’t be bringing that beard with him.

    I remember Californication on the 11 promo too.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    @v – “Californication” and “Nurse Jackie” would make an excellent late-night double.

    @Ryaneco – S3 was on Ten earlier this year.

  3. OMG I didn’t think anyone could top Brad Pitt’s recent bad beard. But Rob Lowe just did. Cannot wait for more Californication. It’s so wrong in so many ways – and that’s what makes it so right.

  4. I can’t wait Love Californication.

    Don’t Ten still have to screen Season 3? I gave up watching on Ten so I don’t know.

    Oh no probably all aired up considering the DVD is out!

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