If it’s Monday it must be elimination night

Reality TV contestants were cut left right and centre last night.

Eight Junior MasterChef kids became four. Five X Factor contestants also became four. It’s game on in the Reality finale stakes.

Luke and Joel were cut on The X Factor, after being voted into bottom place alongside Mahogany, both acts of mentor Guy Sebastian.

As the judges were divided on which act to send home, Sebastian threw the vote into a tie, leaving the deciding vote to the audience.

While Alityan Childs appears to be a dead cert for the finale it’s now down to Sally Chatfield, Andrew Lawson and Mahogany, perfectly pitched as one act per judge. Chatfield is the hot tip.

Meanwhile on Junior MasterChef Australia it was just a tad awkward when four kids had to be sent home from the show.

Nick, 10 [NSW], Pierre, 12 [NSW], Lucy, 12 [Vic] and Cassidy, 12 [Vic] held back the tears as Gary Mehigan talked up their skills. They indeed have talent in spades, and somehow it doesn’t feel right to bring them crashing down to earth in the same way we watch adults being cut from the main event. The show isn’t as blunt in elimination, but I don’t really want to favour one kid over another when they all upstage me in the kitchen.

Now facing the finals next Sunday and Monday are Jack 12 [Tas], Siena 9 [Vic] and sisters Isabella 12, [Qld] and Sofia 12 [Qld].

In the ratings battle last night it was the cooking kids (1.23m) that beat the singing kids (938,000). Both were beaten by Two and a Half Men (1.36m).

Week 46.


  1. @HJ yeah agreed. just obvious the older ones got in (with the exception of the 9 year old). Just making an observation that the knockers and nay sayers will pick up on it.

    Personally I hate the little cherubs cause as an amateur cook I could never achieve at 43 what they have already…. came from the baked bean and instant noodles generation

  2. Tasmanian de√il

    I didn’t think they seemed upset at not making it through, they all seemed pleased to have got to the top 8. Saying they learned that they can’t always win is a bit patronising, I mean they all knew that there would only be one winner and probably none of them expected it to be themselves.

    “Lucy, 12 [Vic]… Jack 12 [Tas]” -Jack is actually 13 and Lucy is 11 if that’s an important enough mistake to correct.

  3. i really want jack to win JMC but i am sure one of the twins will definatly win it and while i agree it was sad to see them upset at being eliminated i do agree that sadly they have to learn that they all cant win

  4. “I’m still surprised at how Andrew hasn’t made it in the bottom two in X Factor.”

    Unfortunately, Vile has the 2Day audience who will vote for his contestant…

  5. Re Snapper Jack – certainly dont need handicapping – one of the finalists is 9!! I am 47 and dont mind cooking but am not in the same street as any of these. So much skill on show, even if they only end up cooking for enjoyment. There were some serious edits in last nights elimination and not surprising. For some reason it became very dusty at home last night and we were not even involved. They all deserved to win. I just hate to think what life will be like if the 2 sisters have to battle each other in the final – that will be difficult

  6. Hmm was a bit of an awkward and uncomfortable moment. You couldnt help notice (with the exception of one) how much bigger the finalist are to the kids eliminated. Im sure the shock jocks and tabloid shows will be bagging JMC today. Wonder if they can bring in a “handicap” points system to be a little fairer in future for the young ones?

    Still it is a terrific and positive show. its a great example for kids that you don’t always win no matter how many times mum and dad let you 🙂

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