Melbourne Cup: 2.6m. Rafters: 2.33m

It was a one-horse race. With the Melbourne Cup and a dramatic Rafters episode, Seven was on track to blitz the competition.

No surprises for learning that the Seven Network pulled huge audiences in the ratings race on Tuesday.

Nearly 2.6m viewers stopped to watch Americain win the 150th Melbourne Cup. Another 2.33m returned to find out who would die in a dramatic episode of Packed to the Rafters.

Seven swept the Top 6 positions for the day (it divided the Cup into three parts), with Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation its nearest competition.

The running of the Cup pulled 2.59m viewers, down slightly on 2009’s 2.67m. The figure never accounts for those watching in offices, schools and pubs across the nation but is still one of the biggest TV audiences of the year.

Outside of primetime it also doesn’t factor into the network share for Seven, but with so many watching the network for the day it does deliver a big lead-in audience. Seven News 1.59m was unsurprisingly well ahead of Nine News on 1.24m.

Viewers were back in droves for a pivotal episode of Packed to the Rafters, after promos had teased that a “young Rafter” would die. They weren’t disappointed as writers did indeed kill off Melissa Rafter (Zoe Ventoura).

The episode pulled a huge 2.33m viewers, the biggest drama audience for the year. It beat the third series premiere of Underbelly (2.24m).

It more than doubled its competitors: NCIS (1.09m), Kevin McCloud: Slumming It (734,000), Top Gear (596,000).

But it wasn’t a perfect night for Seven with Iron Chef Australia‘s 1.09m only seeing a small lift from last week’s 915,000. It still lost to Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation on 1.25m viewers. Top Gear Australia was 969,000.

Elsewhere last night Home and Away (1.08m) just pipped ABC News (1.02m), with Two And A Half Men on 974,000 and The 7PM Project 832,000.

Parenthood (974,000) beat NCIS: Los Angeles (747,000) and Survivor: Nicaragua (521,000).

Deal Or No Deal‘s 761,000 topped Hot Seat‘s 650,000. Sunrise‘s 381,000 bettered Today‘s 359,000.

The final Insight for 2010 was 275,000 on SBS ONE.

Seven comfortablty won the night.

Week 45

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  1. Pity more people didn’t watch Kevin McLoud Slumming It as thay have been the two most compelling programs of the year. And to think that the Indians blew 6 billion on the Comm. Games disaster. If only we lived in an ideal world!

  2. Fantastic to see Parenthood (season 1 final) win it’s time slot and even better they are moving on to the next season which started back in September, shame we only have a handful of eps before the xMas break but its better than nothing!

    TG UK was on a hiding to nothing last night up against the Rafters.

  3. @Chris, yep highest figures ever – previous high was the season 2 premiere on 2,185,000 (although that episode was shown over 2 weeks. for some reason it was shown to Melbourne a week later so that is the total over 2 weeks)

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