Nine extends arvo News

Nine is extending its 4:30pm Nine Afternoon News by one hour from today.

Nine was scheduled to extended the News to one hour from next week but appears to have brought the move forward, possibly in light of the ongoing situation with the NZ mining disaster.

As a result Antiques Roadshow is out.

Airing a one hour bulletin earlier than TEN News at Five would likely be a response to TEN’s plans for even more News in 2011. Nine’s last attempt at revamping the timeslot was the short-lived THIS afternoon in 2009, but it may fare better with dry News.

Seven is tipped to match Nine in the extra-long 4:30 stakes.

This post updates.


  1. Unfortunately, in the first normal 2011 week, there appears to be no MASH anyway. Is there no respect for anything anymore.
    The only reason I watch 7 is MASH.

  2. A bad thing.I remember as a kid Channel 9 4 to 6pm consisted of The Channel Niners later renamed Come On Kids and Looney Tunes Cartoons.Basically these days unless you have a Pay TV service in your home there is nothing suitable for Children anymore.

  3. I was really hoping when you said they were extending by an hour, that it would be 1½ hours in total, and banish Eddie from our screens again. So sad that it’s being extended to just an hour.

  4. Hmmmm….I only suffered Nines afternoon news….because I like to watch the Antiques Roadshow…..and it is better than watching B&B…..
    With 7 and 9 extending…..and all the plans for ch.10….there will be an overkill of news….
    Lotsa fill in stories ….I guess….about cell phones….bras….assorted denim jeans….diets and weight loss products etc…..
    Oh well….looks like a DVD or good book….

  5. All i can say is Why…….I would be going down another road and having some kids programs on like Loony Tunes etc.There is nothing on for kids to watch

  6. More commercial TV fluff.
    The commercial stations haven’t been interested in, or capable of producing, quality news programming for a very long time. The likes the ABC (and now with ABC News24) and SBS have top quality news programming which is much broader in scope and substantially more interesting.

    The best you might say about commercial TV news is that they are adequate at presenting local trivia.

  7. Considering the absolute trash that is Nines morning news after it was made an hour long… I’m guessing this will be the home to reruns of the previous nights ACA stories to fill the hour.. *vom*

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