Returning: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

""Sooo happy. Just talked to @foxtel and @comedychannel. Australia, we're coming back!!!" Fallon tweets.

Good news for fans of Late Night US hosts.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is returning to the Comedy Channel next month.

Last week Jimmy Fallon tweeted:

“Sooo happy. Just talked to @foxtel and @comedychannel. Australia, we’re coming back!!!! #latenight #dec7th”

The show was taken off air at the end of June along with Letterman and Leno.

At the time the Comedy Channel told TV Tonight the shows were very expensive to acquire and it had opted to invest more in local productions.

Meanwhile Conan airs on GEM from Tuesday night.

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  1. I just watched the first episode of Conan and it was brilliant – do not miss the first 10 minutes

    Gem showing each of his shows on a 32 and a half hour delay is laughable – it should be on 9 or GO on a same day delay – ie 8 hour delay – but it is not

    Comedy channel getting Fallon – oh yeah

  2. Well Well Well … finally a smart decision by the Comedy Channel. I made a comment on here at the time and sent the Comedy Channel an email expressing my disappointment. I used to watch (well record and use the good old fast foward at times) the “late night legends” so up to 3 hours a day but in particular loved jimmy fallon. Since it has gone i think in total i have watched about 30min in 6 months of the comedy channel so i am very pleased it is coming back. I may even come back comedy channel so don’t screw around with it. Also since my foxtel doesn’t come with gem i have gone and bought a set top box with usb recorder so i can watch conan starting tomorrow night. Hopefully its worth it. And even better if eleven shows Craig Ferguson.

  3. I am thinking this as they wanted to wait until the decision with “Conan” was made then they called Fallon when the deal was done it might had been a negotiation tactic. Will watch both though.

  4. I recently said The Comedy Channel wouldn’t do anything and now they have brought back or have scheduled to bring back Jimmy Fallon. I was wrong , but I was right about them not fixing the whole problem.

  5. So glad I got rid of Foxtel.

    Here’s a tip, call up & tell them you want to cancel your subscription. They’ll offer you a better deal, go ahead with cancellation. You’ll recieve another call, where they’ll remove the cost of any additional STB’s and add channels to your current package for a cheaper price.

    Now can only hope GEM doesn’t dump Conan after a few weeks, like 7 did with Leno.

  6. First Yay great news and I hope they can get more to join Fallon but what happened to them saying it doesn’t rate?

    Second it’s a pity it’s next month, there’s an interview I wanted to catch on the 17th… thank god for YouTube!

  7. Would rather Fallon then Leno, Fallon whilst sometimes awkward and dopey suits me better because he has humor directed closer to the Gen Y demographic. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Ferguson on Australian television too, he seems to bring a good bit of Scottish humor on his late night talk show.

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