Returning: The Oprah Winfrey Show

Here comes Liza Minnelli, J.K. Rowling, Jon Stewart, Cybill Shepherd, Linda Evans, Teri Hatcher and the cast of Modern Family.

Ahead of her Tourism Australia media whirlwind, TEN is about to air new episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

These form part of her final season.

Upcoming episodes feature guests including Liza Minnelli, J.K. Rowling, Cybill Shepherd, Linda Evans, Teri Hatcher, the cast of Modern Family and Jon Stewart:

Oprah: Why haven’t you ever invited me on your show?
Jon: I invited you. I sent you notes. … Want to come on my show?
Oprah: Yeah, I really would.
Jon: Seriously? Then it’s done. … Let me ask you a question. Will Travolta fly you there? And where are you going to take my audience?

The Big O has also just interviewed the children of Michael Jackson and mother Katharine Jackson. No airdate for that one yet.

Monday 22nd November @ 1pm
On Location In Scotland: Oprah & “Harry Potter Phenom” Billionaire J.K. Rowling.
She’s the “Beatles” of bestsellers, the first self-made billionaire author in history – selling more than 400 million books and captivating readers in 69 languages and 200 countries. Today Oprah is on location in Scotland with J.K. Rowling, the billionaire mom behind the “Harry Potter” empire as she takes on the harsh critics, and opens up about depression, her biggest regrets, and the love of her life. Find out how her epic failure became a billion dollar success story, and why she turned down an offer from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Join us for a fascinating hour, on today’s Oprah!

Tuesday 23rd November @ 1pm
“The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart & Living Legend Liza Minnelli.
On today’s show, Oprah talks to “The Daily Show’s” Emmy-winning host and best-selling author Jon Stewart about his new book, “Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race.” Jon shares his take on the “Oprah” show’s influence on our culture, and the comic genius puts his own signature spin on some recent newsmakers just for us. Then, living legend Liza Minnelli takes center stage for a rare performance of her most classic hits, including one from her new CD, “Confessions.”

Wednesday 24th November @ 1pm
The Mom Who “Fathered” Her Own Children, Plus The Emmy-Winning Cast Of “Modern Family”
On today’s show, we meet one of television’s funniest families, the stars of TEN’s smash hit, “Modern Family.” They talk about their recent Emmy win, and explain why the show is so meaningful to them. Plus, Oprah talks to a real-life modern family with a twist. Meet the mom who “fathered” her own children when she explains how she went from macho male naval pilot to breastfeeding mother of twins.

Thursday 25th November @ 1pm
Aging Beauty Cybill Shepherd, “Dynasty’s” Linda Evans & “Desperate Housewives'” Teri Hatcher.
Today “Desperate Housewives” star Teri Hatcher talks to Oprah about the photos seen round the world. No makeup. No botox. What was she thinking when she released those pictures of herself just out of the bath? Then, Hollywood beauties get real about getting older. Sex symbol Cybill Shepherd and “Dynasty” bombshell Linda Evans share confessions about aging beauty.

Friday 26th November @ 1pm
Ultimate Wildest Dreams & Oprah’s New Book.
On today’s show, we’re closing out our season premiere week with an episode jam-packed with surprises galore! Plus, exactly 14 years to the day since launching her Book Club, Oprah makes a live announcement of her 64th Oprah’s Book Club selection.

Monday 29th November @ 1pm
“Waiting For Superman:” The Movement That Could Revolutionize America’s Schools
Oprah was stunned. It’s hard to believe this is happening in the USA. People are buzzing about the gripping new documentary, “Waiting For Superman,” which follows five families on their desperate quest for a better education. On today’s show, Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim, Bill Gates and Grammy-winner John Legend talk about how this movie could start the movement to revolutionize America’s schools. Then, hear who Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of District of Columbia Public Schools, says is at fault for failing schools and the controversial stand she’s taken. And, it’s the Oprah’s Angel Network finale; you won’t want to miss the $6 million surprise!

Tuesday 30th November @ 1pm
Held Hostage In Iran: American Hiker Sarah Shourd’s First TV Interview, Plus The Craigslist Rape Victim.
Last week, after being held in solitary confinement for 14 months in an Iranian prison, one of the three American hikers was released. Now, just days after her return to U.S. soil, former Iranian hostage Sarah Shourd talks to Oprah in her first television interview. Then, it’s a story every woman online needs to hear. The Craigslist rape survivor reveals her identity and shares what really happened.

Wednesday 1st December @ 1pm
Former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford On Surviving Scandal & Safety Expert Gavin de Becker.
Last summer, it was an international scandal. South Carolina’s former First Lady, Jenny Sanford, talks to Oprah about her now ex-husband’s headline-making affair in Argentina that rocked the governor’s mansion. Then, meet a young woman who recounts the day she was shot in the face by her high school sweetheart. Could she have done anything to prevent this shocking attack? Safety expert Gavin de Becker reveals the warning signs that could help predict when abuse might escalate to murder. What you hear today might save your life.

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  1. Great news that Ten is finally showing new episodes of Oprah, but what’s gonna happen when she leaves our shores? Back to repeats and episodes that aired in 2009? Consider Ellen and The View are aired within hours of screening the US, why can’t Oprah be the same?

  2. The Portia interview is well worth the watch when it comes on!! I was in tears.
    and Katherine Jackson this past Monday was a must watch too.
    i agree with jezza they should be same day but i really dont think Ten care. Plus its not gonna change now its the last season. I guess Tens reasoning has always been that Oprah doesnt really discuss daily topics so they can get away with it being so far behind. Im in the US so i get to watch

  3. Ch 10 is all over the shop with Oprah, never know if its going to be a repeat or not, and they also don’t play episodes in order which is extremely annoying! But i guess they will keep sneaking in repeats so the can stretch the final season out for another 3 years.

  4. Oprah should really be played the day after the US, just like Ellen and the View, especially since th episodes sometimes make the news like the sound of music reunioun or the Jackson children interview.

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