Channel Nine: 2011 slate

Underbelly: Razor, a new dance contest, new game show, plus Ben Elton, Tony Martin, Ed Kavalee, Jamie Durie, John Clarke and Gina Riley -all coming to Nine in 2011.

A new Underbelly set in the 1920s, a new dance contest, live comedy from Ben Elton, a Gruen style look at television with Tony Martin & Ed Kavalee, the return of Jamie Durie, a new game show for Eddie McGuire, and an update on The Games with John Clarke and Gina Riley -just some of the new shows unveilled by Nine at its 2011 sales launch in Sydney today.

Ben Elton was compere at a Christmas lunch for clients and media at FOX Studios today in which key titles on its 2011 slate were unveiled.

Nine Network Managing Director Jeffrey Browne introduced the new programmes for Nine before former CEO David Gyngell -now head of PBL Media- announced the parent company was rebranding as Nine Entertainment Co. (the rumoured “surprise.”). Its divisions will now include the Nine Network, Nine Magazines, Nine Digital etc.

Here are some of the key titles coming to Channel Nine in 2011 (NB: list is not comprehensive):

As tipped by TV Tonight, the next series of Underbelly will be Underbelly: Razor. Set during the roaring ‘20s in Sydney, when organised crime in Australia began. This is the story of the bloody battle between the era’s most feared vice queens – Tilly Devine and her rival Kate Leigh.

The Joy Of Sets
: Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee giving viewers their unique take on television; the good, the bad and the fabulously misguided. From Zapruder’s Other Films (The Gruen Transfer).

Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth -a live comedy show on pop culture, direct from Melbourne each week.

The Games: London Calling – John Clarke and Gina Riley will star in an all new series of the John Clarke/Ross Stevenson mockumentary.

Jamie Durie returns to Nine, hosting Top Design, taking viewers on a journey, searching the country to find people from all walks of life who are passionate about design and renovation. They will then be put to the test to create a masterpiece in this exciting new make over show.

Underbelly movies: Tell Them Lucifer was Here, Infiltration and The Man Who Got Away.

Dancing Nation, a new state by state dance contest.

Rescue Special Ops,
Sea Patrol: Damage Control,
The Mentalist,
franchise. (incl Miami and NY)
Panic at Rock Island,
The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show,
Harry’s Law,
March of the Dinosaurs,
Earth Flight,
Great Barrier Reef,
Polar Bears: Spy in the Cold,
Frozen Planet,
New Top Gear UK,
Top Gear: Australia,
Under Surveillance,
In Their Footsteps,
RPA: Where Are They Now?
Hot Property,
This is Your Life,
The Block,
Australia’s Funniest Home Videos,
The Farmer Wants a Wife,
Millionaire Hot Seat,
$#*! My Dad Says,

Mike & Molly,
Two and a Half Men,
The Big Bang Theory,
Hot in Cleveland,
Mr Sunshine,
Nine News,
A Current Affair,
60 Minutes,
The Ashes,
The World Cup Cricket,
The Footy Show
State of Origin,
Rugby Union World Cup,
The Oscars,
TV Week Logie Awards,

and coming in 2012, London Olympic Games.

NB: AFP, Big, Politically Incorrect Parenting Show and Panic at Rock Island were all promised for 2010.

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  1. Bring back the original sale of the century back on channel at 7:00pm (not temptation) because it is a good game show to watch and I like the host of sale of the century to be Ed Phillips to host the show. I miss sale of the century when it is not on tv anymore and for the game show they should give away 2 cars on the show for the cars like Toyota, ford, Mitsubishi, BMW, their the cars to give away on the game show. Do the (1980-1999) style for the game show just call it sale of the century (not temptation) give away the sale of the century board game & for the fame game board have the $20 back on the board and they should have the voice over man for the show bring it back also bring back hey hey it Saturday back on a Saturday night. Because it is fun to watch on tv we should have it on again and for the cars on pluck a duck they should have dirent ford car to give away hey hey should be on a Saturday night. We want the original sale of the century & hey hey it Saturday back on at channel 9 studio. Bring it back on

  2. Looking forward to the joy of sets, Tony is awesome for the role, he has a lot of knowledge of the topic, can be serious and funny, and unlike TV Burp, it shouldn’t be a lame format.

    I haven’t listened to MMM since they canned get this, im looking forward to TM and EK being reunited.

  3. Let me get this straight. Jeffrey Browne expected us to be more surprised and excited about the name change of the parent company than anything Nine were putting to air in 2011? Says a lot about the people running Nine.

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