Peter Berner to host You Have Been Watching

Comedian Peter Berner will host a local version of the British comedy panel show You Have Been Watching, set to premiere on The Comedy Channel in 2011.

You Have Been Watching is a panel show in which comedians ponder questions based on the most outrageous and interesting shows, playing locally and around the globe.

Foxtel says ‘Everything is up for grabs, in the weird and wonderful world of television, from reality shows to music videos, cooking shows to crime shows, and from adverts to movie trailers. If it’s funny, eccentric or car-crash TV, You Have Been Watching will fire up the blowtorch and get people talking about it!’

“I wasn’t sure if the show The Comedy Channel was planning to do was a cooking show, or a dancing show or dancing cooks or dancing cops who cook or extreme dancing fishermen or ice road chefs having instant makeovers…it turns out it’s all of them. I get to watch tele and go to work with funny people. What’s not to like?” says  Berner.

An ensemble cast, who will form a rotating panel throughout the series, will be announced early next year.

The 10-episode series is in pre-production with Southern Star Entertainment. Filming will begin early in the new year.


  1. Why has no-one yet noted that Nine is doing almost exactly the same show with Zapruder’s, Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee. Higher profile performers, on FTA, from a company with a bigger comedy/light entertainment track record.

    Doesn’t that, logically, make this Foxtel D.O.A?

  2. @NeonKitten – I don’t doubt Berner is nice. I’ve seen his stand-up show, and I think quite a few people wouldn’t be using the word “nice” !! As I say, a real talent.

  3. @Neon Kitten, having worked with Peter for a long period, i can assure you as nice as he is, he can be devilish, provocative, anything you want him to be – the man has exhaustive personality! He’s a great guy too.

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