Underbelly: Infiltration coming in February?

It’s looking like Nine will finally launch those Underbelly telemovies at the top of the ratings year, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Infiltration is probably going to be the first to roll, starring Jessica Napier, Sullivan Stapleton (pictured), Tottie Goldsmith, Valentino Del Toto, Glenda Linscott and Henry Nixon.

Infiltration recounts McLaren’s time as an undercover operative who, together with a female colleague, infiltrated the N’Drangheta – the Calabrian mafia – based in Griffith in NSW. Posing as a dodgy art dealer, McLaren and his partner risked their lives daily as they ingratiated themselves with their targets, becoming trusted friends and business acquaintances.

Nine also has an Underbelly series set during the 1920s to come later in 2011.

Rating survey resume on February 6th.


  1. I met Sullivan Stapleton recently (who was sadly overlooked for the AFI for his great performance in Animal Kingdom) and what a wonderful guy he is. Just thought i’d share that.

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