1. Obviously Charlie Sheen is a sick man……..people should be offering him support…..not helping him air his break-down …..he has given us years of entertainment. It is easy for us mere mortals to all sit back and judge!!!!!!

  2. George you are pathetic, Channel Ten is pathetic, at least give us something to laugh at rather than 2 hours of news and current affairs! Bring back Homer!!!

  3. Auss from Toowoomba

    Its interesting that people are happy to accept that they can pay $13000 for a car or $130000 and not expect the same quality.. but when it comes to insurance they are happy to go for the cheapest and think its all the same… If it looks to good to be true … it normally is. if your not sure… ask the question.

  4. Antonio Palena

    Dear George Negus

    When will someone have the courage to speak to Benjamin Creme, and see the future that he describes and why things seem to be falling apart at this present time, it would be refreshing to viewers who know nothing about the solutions that Benjamin Creme is advocating in solving the current problems.

    With Great Respect
    Antonio Palena

  5. Dear George,I thought I would give your programme a fair go but you never change do you? Fawning all over our leftie PM whilst trying to make the Coalition leader appear a meanie.Also your comment at the end of the programme which included Palestinian women aspiring to be “martyrs”.You can’t have it both ways George! I think it is ludicrous to air such sensational images and then expect viewers to swallow your politically correct comment, which was obviously designed specifically to appease the Muslims who might be viewing, that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam may indeed be expressed peacefully in many ways by the majority of Muslims but ‘ the notion of a “martyr” as someone who kills others viewed as enemies of the faith ,and in the process gets himself killed, is a distinctly Islamic construct’ [Islam unveiled – Robert Spencer p11] IThat is a fact hard to get away from and I think I would rather believe this eminent scholar than your contrived journalistic double talk which can only do harm to the majority of law abiding Muslims in Australia. Tell me what useful purpose it is serving to show us gun-toting, bhurka clad Palestinian women with hatred for our Western culture in their hearts?I suggest all it is doing is stirring up hatred for Muslims in this country which will benefit no- one.There is a lot I don’t like about our Western culture too but as a Christian I will continue to think that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ and act accordingly. I am sure many Muslims in Australia will do that too. Hope these comments are useful

  6. A lot of Austrlians already are Not donating to appeals due to the widespread rumours that there is 1 million dollars still in the Victorian Bush Fire Fund and many thousands still in The Newcastle Earthquake Fund. Some investigative journalism please

  7. cant wait for the stories on oz’s best bras,or the supermarket comparisons/adverts coming soon.wake up Australia! Demand more
    than this mindless drivel. Turn off your televisions. Get active, .Educate yourselves.Dont rely on the corporote media to do it for you!

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