Airdate: Hawaii Five-O. Returning: Biggest Loser, Modern Family, NCIS: LA.

TEN has announced its premiere timeslot for Hawaii Five-0 and the return of Modern Family, The Biggest Loser and NCIS: LA.

All will air on Sunday January 30th.

6:00 pm TEN Evening News
6:30 pm The Biggest Loser: Families – Season Premiere
7:30 pm Modern Family – New Episode
8:00 pm Modern Family – New Episode
8:30 pm Hawaii Five-0 – Season Premiere
9:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles – Season Premiere
10:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt

TEN may well be releasing programming for this week as daily amendments… stay tuned.


  1. @Tracey – I totally agree about allowing H50 time to get going and to Not compare it with the original H50. This new H50 is modern with great stunts and action and some funny on-screen chemistry between Steve and Danny. The “car-guments” are fun with some terrific writing and storylines. Thank you Ten for promoting H50 so well. I can’t wait to start watching all the eps again on Aussie TV.

  2. Sundays are gonna be top heavy for me, with these great shows plus Smallville and Angel on eleven. And if nine put the underbelly movies on Sundays…..

  3. Hey TEN, I hope you are planning to bring back new episodes/repeats of Rules of Engagement soon because that is a great show and I am getting sick of Modern Family. But I am looking forward to The Biggest Loser, Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles.

  4. I’ve been following Hawaii 5 O being a Huge Alex O’Loughlin fan. Like all new shows it takes time to get to know the characters but if you give it the time I assure you you’ll be hooked. The McGarrett (O’Loughlin) and Danno (Caan) on screen partnership is simply Awesome. The storyline gets better and more interesting every week.

    My only advice is don’t go into it comparing it to the original – the original stands on its own and the intention of the current writers and actors was never to compete with the original. Hawaii 5 O 2010 is a show all of its own – so be sure to do yourself a favour watch it and support another one of our brilliant Aussie actors do us proud in the US.

  5. Hopefully you’re right David, and they change the second episode of MF to a repeat.

    They have already gone some way to destroying MF by repeating Season 1 *twice* over the break.

  6. I dont think TEN will continue the 2 new Modern Family eps – you’re right about that David.

    Forgive me, but is TEN airing new eps of NCIS the first Tuesday of Feb? I cant wait much longer.

  7. No sure about moving NCIS to Sundays. I think it belongs with the original and why didn’t they start playing new eps back when NCIS started theirs?

    On the upside it should give Bones/Castle a run for their money, not to mention what every Nine have on Sundays.

    With the great ratings fro ch11 I hope this marks a turn around in the ratings for TEN

  8. Promo on ten tonight: Blue Bloods premieres on Wed Feb 2 at 8:30pm. So their schedule is starting to take shape.
    and @Kathy…no they are not repeating the season premiere …they are just repeating another ep after the All New episode.

  9. Hawaii Five O is excellent. I love it. Sunday night is probably a good night for it.
    Double Modern Family. Well Ten is gonna kill it off real quick.
    NCIS: LA to Sunday. Stupid decision. Should be on Tuesdays after NCIS. It rated well after NCIS and it’s only logical to have them follow each other.

  10. I’m with Harry on the Modern Family. As much as I enjoy 10, they are just as glib and crass about their treatment of shows, than 7 and 9 – its just they seem to have shows i like on them! They are very short sighted with their ‘hits’. Although we are a couple of months behind the u.s with Modern Family, if they play two a week for too long, it will be that run of repeats or ‘classic Modern Family’ again.

  11. dont like ncis l.a on suday!! stupid move and shows they are at it again moving a good rating show to another day like goodwife. so annoying, just hope it doesn’t stay that way

  12. 9:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles – Season Premiere
    10:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt

    OK… Confused. Why would they repeat the Season Premiere, straight after it has aired?

  13. Good lineup – except the Double New episode of Modern Family. They are getting rid of a good rating show too quickly with Double Episodes.

    Hawaii Five-O looks interesting.

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