Returning: NCIS: LA, Blue Bloods

New episodes are back on 10 this week.

NCIS: Los Angeles is back witha  new episode tonight with Blue Bloods on Thursday on 10.

NCIS: Los Angeles
10pm Tuesday, 12 January
S12E 6 “If The Fates Allow”
It looks like there’s some cheer coming for the NCIS: Los Angeles team this holiday season. Tonight’s case sees Callen reconnect with his former foster brother, who, along with his wife, has been framed for smuggling drugs across the U.S. border in her oxygen tanks. Can Callen prove their innocence? And in good news, Eric returns for the holidays, as does Sam’s daughter!

Blue Bloods
10.00pm Thursday 14 January
S11E4 “Redemption”
Last week saw Frank struggle after Joe Hill’s lineage as a Reagan was revealed; Erin and Anthony received gift-wrapped evidence; and Danny’s opposition to authority clashes with Jamie’s adherence to the rules, as both brothers work to solve a murder. With another fresh episode direct from the US tonight, all bets are off in the crime business this season.

Updated: An earlier plan for NCIS S18E4 “Sunburn” is now out.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up David 🙂
    That NCIS episode doesn’t air in the US until next week. Its the first of two episodes to air next Tuesday there. Nice if we do get it first but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t actually air a new episode tonight.

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