Airdate: Murderland

ABC will screen the UK telemovie Murderland which features Robbie Coltrane as a Detective investigating the 1994 murder of a suburban woman, and her surviving teenage daughter who holds crucial witness evidence.

The ITV story is told from different points of view, including from both past and present perspectives. The role of the daughter is played by both younger and older actresses as the case is explored by Coltrane.

Bel Powley as the teenager is particularly strong here although Amanda Hale isn’t a perfect physical adult match (shame they didn’t get Eve Myles!).

Nevertheless this is a pretty good thriller for a Friday night.

Murderland is a British thriller – set in 1994 and the present day – that tells the story of a murder through the eyes of three central characters:

Carrie (Bel Powley), the young daughter of the murdered woman, whose life has been changed forever and whose memories may hold the key to the killer’s identity. And her adult self, Carol (Amanda Hale), a woman determined to find out who her mother really was and why she was killed.

DI Gordon Hain (Robbie Coltrane), the detective in charge of the investigation, who was involved with the case more than he can reveal to anyone. Like Carrie, Hain is haunted by the murder so when adult Carol turns up on his doorstep he feels forced to help her, regardless of the cost and his own motives.

Sally (Lucy Cohu), the murder victim whose hopes and dreams of carving out a better life for herself and her daughter are destroyed one fateful night. And whose life – and death – are pieced together through flashback from different perspectives, unravelling the truth about her and why she was murdered.

Still haunted by her mother’s murder, Carol cannot move on with her life from the terrible unexplained events that occurred when she was a child until she uncovers the truth about her mother’s life and death.

Murderland is a story of revenge, redemption and rough justice, where three different perspectives eventually piece together the truth. As the investigation unfolds, Carol’s yearning to discover who murdered her mother becomes obsessive bringing her closer to Gordon Hain.

In the end Carol holds the key to the killer and in doing so puts her own life in danger.

It airs 8:30pm Friday, 28 January on ABC1.


  1. FYI Jen13: ITV is a commercial channel therefore as Jack says there will have been little trimmed. There would have been nearly an hour of commercials in the 3 hour itv screening

  2. I don’t trust the ABC any more, after they showed compressed versions of both The Deep and Collisions.
    Happy to say that Wikipedia (I nearly wrote Wikileaks!) confirms it actually is a three-parter.
    It was made in 2009 June and has been available on DVD since February 2010!
    Looking forward to seeing Robbie Coltrane again.

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