ELEVEN amendments: Hogan’s Heroes out

Nein! Hogans Heroes is dropped from primetime on Saturday.

The first major Amendment from ELEVEN is in as Hogans Heroes is dropped from primetime on Saturday.

But it will adjust its schedule with two more classic episodes of Get Smart, now set to run from 7:30 – 9:30pm.

Last week the highest rated Get Smart ep pulled 102,000.

Hogan’s Heroes was 93,000.

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  1. I’m really enjoying 11 at the moment. Enjoying all the old shows. I don’t think 11 has to show all new shows to fit the younger viewer. Some of those old shows are better than the ones that was made recently.But please 11 enough with the promos. You have a water mark, what channel i am on comes up on my tv. I Know what channel i am watching. So please enough with promos.

  2. even if Monk wasn’t played in some states like SA, it still counts as being played as it did make the air waves in other parts of Australia. channels can catch up some how but if it was infact finished in other states completely, then Seven may want to play it since its a Universal release which Ten don’t own anymore. so any of the 3 Seven channels may very well play it sometime, probably 7mate.

  3. @Sillygostly. You must be in NSW or QLD. Cos here in SA i think Monk only got up to like season 3 if that, and Pysch don’t even think finished season 1. Come on Ten, you have a new channel, you have nothing to put on Saturday but old repeats that don’t rate. Just put on Monk and Pysch so we can actually see these shows on tv.

  4. @JB : Ten have already aired the entire run of Monk, if I’m not mistaken. At least I know that they’ve aired the final season in its entirety. Whether or not some states have missed out is another story.

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