Industry comment on ‘Small Screen’ content

Screen Australia is about to close comments for its draft blueprint for funding ‘small screen’ content, released in November.

The blueprint looks at ways ‘small screen’ content is funded by the government agency, including the eligibility criteria.

It is seeking feedback on such questions as:

Should Screen Australia limit its funding to only one series? Is $440,000 per hour the right minimum licence fee for TV drama? $105,000 per half hour for children’s drama? $135,000 per hour for domestic documentaries? $150,000 per hour for the National Documentary Program?

What are the appropriate criteria for assessing TV drama and documentary projects? Should particular criteria apply to the National Documentary Program?

Should Screen Australia directly fund documentary development or should these funds help leverage other funding (such as State agency funds) in order to better target development of the sector?

Should there be a minimum licence fee requirement for the All Media Ignition program? Is the proposed approach to format eligibility for this program – all forms of content with a strong storytelling component – appropriate, practicable or too limiting?

To what extent should the Digital Sandpit be modelled on the Innovation Program? Are there aspects that should be retained or changed in maximising the effectiveness of this program?

Comments close Monday 31st January.

Further information can be found here.

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