Less Engagement, more Family.

It’s just a subtle change, but TEN is moving on its lacklustre Sunday schedule, dropping the second episode of Rules of Engagement this weekend.

At 7pm it will air a repeat of Modern Family instead.

This week TEN pulled just 9.1% share for its primary channel, slammed by Nine’s ODI cricket. Thanks to ELEVEN and One it rose to a 13.0% network share.

Nine pulled a whopping 41.9% network share for Sunday night. The 1.71m average was the second highest rating ODI session between Australia and England since OzTAM ratings began in 2001, falling just 78,000 viewers short of the 2006 record.

But this Sunday TEN has the fourth episode of Oprah‘s Australian visit, followed by the FTA premiere of the movie Australia.


  1. I to really enjoy ROE, its certainly no worse than two and half men and TBBT. Watch Ten bounce back with oprah and the biggest Loser. Go eleven best digital channel by far

  2. Interesting 2 movies featuring Broome are up against each other on Sunday.

    I can’t stand Rules …. I love Modern Family but they just keep replaying Season 1 over and over ala Glee. I just want new episodes.

  3. Rules of Engagement is so under-rated! It has us in hysterics every week! We love it – one of the funniest shows on TV!!

    But that’s just my opinion…….

  4. So they have two episodes scheduled… They’re dropping the new episode and keep the repeat? (which would be braindead, but does appear to be the case) Or is the episode of ROE at 6:30 now going to be the new one?

    More information and less editorial.

  5. Why would they waste the premiere of ‘Australia’ outside of a ratings period? Dumb move Ten. It’s also going to be up against Bran Nue Dae on the ABC which, so it’s stupid to program the premiere of two of them against each other.

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