Mr. Sunshine: promos

A few promos for Matthew Perry’s new comedy Mr. Sunshine, which also stars Allison Janney, have been airing in the US.

Check out these promos, which includes an obviously favourite gag from Janney. The series is coming to Nine this year.

Did I mention it has Allison Janney in it?





  1. Ooooohhh Allison Janney – excellent!! And as long as the show is funny – the promos look promising – Matthew Perry can keep playing the same Chandler-type character (although he did make *somewhat* of a departure in his West Wing appearances…)

  2. I really liked Studio 60 (bought the DVD) and this has the same vibe but more of a comedy from the promos.

    I’m sure Nine will replace it with BBT or 2.5 Men in about 3 weeks… hope I’m wrong!

  3. @ The Secret Squirrel

    Granted he has played the same character more than once, look at his resume, Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, Castaway, Da Vinci Code/Angels & Demons, all different characters.

    Anyway, this is not a board about Tom Hanks, this is about Matt Perry, gl to him!

  4. I reckon that 9 should air it in the same hour as Matt Le Blanc’s “Episodes”, it makes a nice marketing tool, tugging the heartstrings of old Friends fans.

    @ Craig, Nine may screw it up, but ABC doesn’t look like they are going to, they are giving it probably the best timeslot any show can buy right now, the 9:30 Wednesday slot on ABC, seeing as Modern Family is the show that hits the highest 18-49 numbers (outside of NFL Football), Mr. Sunshine **should** see success.

    @par3182, It’s TV, most actors do the same roles over and over again really, Clooney will play the smooth, suave international guy until he loses his looks, or dies, which ever comes first (my bet being on the latter). Julia Roberts did ten thousand romantic comedies after Pretty Woman until Erin Brokovich.
    It’s mainly because viewers would not receive a change well, I don’t care how good a sitcom is written/acted, if Clint Eastwood was cast in the lead role, there would be plenty of people who would cringe and facepalm at the idea instantaneously. Rarely do you see an actor that can play many different types of characters, imo, the only guy who is capable of it today really is Tom Hanks.

  5. And that’s a bad thing par3182, I’ve been watching a lot of Friends lately after not seeing the show for years since it ended. The cast looks great and if it’s half as good as Friends then we’re on a winner.

    Now any guesses as to how long before Nine with show it, March, April…?

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