Prime, GWN rebrand with 7

On Sunday night regional networks Prime and GWN will re-launch with new names and new logos.

TV Tonight hears that tomorrow night regional networks Prime and GWN will re-launch with new names and new logos, reflecting their affiliation with the Seven Network.

From 6pm Sunday night PRIME7 and GWN7 will roll out new IDs and promos reflecting the rebranded names, which carry the famous big, red, “7.”

New outdoor signage will follow later.

News services will also rebrand to PRIME7 News and GWN7 News.

Prime Television is 14.9% owned by Seven, while Lachlan Murdoch owns an 8% stake.

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    I am not anti Mel B, but get some talent on as a judge, Chris Lilly would make a good judge, he is very talented.

  2. I like it. I assume viewers know they are watching 7 network generated programming and now PRIME7 is acknowledging that. I think leveraging the No1 Network in Australia more is a smart move and clearly no coinsidence as the new CEO of Prime Media Group Ian Audsley is ex 7. Can those of you who missed out on the design work or work for WIN/NBN please identify yourselves!

  3. @JohnB – How true. The small teams which operated NEN9 & ECN8 when they first started in 1965 are dismayed when we see what our infants have grown into. NEN9 from night #1 produced a daily half-hour local/national/world news program, a late news, a daily rural report, a sports program, a daily kids’ show and a non-stop output of local commercials – from one control room and one VTR.
    When the original locals obtained their licences they undertook to produce X amount of local news and X amount of local programs per week. That no longer happens. Why are they not called on by the government to maintain their original undertakings? Well, we know why, don’t we. Who owns the stations thesedays?

  4. @JohnB you are spot on. As for every body broader the issue is not if the logo is ugly or not. It is the demis of regional television. It has been a gradual slide for the last 20 years. Each region then had locally produced shows. They disappeared without a whimper. Re Prime, they will become 7. Last year they closed their production facilities.

  5. Yeah i could have designed a better logo than that and i am a web designer not a designer that makes images and stuff if you know what i mean. Anyway.

    Another thing i would like to point out is maybe this is a transitional thing. Maybe 7 is eventually going to be allowed to take over like Nine has of NBN but kept it NBN and thats why the sudden change? Just a thought anyway.

  6. good to see tv tonight with the scoop, those clowns at media spy always to slow to get the scoop. so if the prime logo is yellow its great but if its red its hideous what a over reaction. win logo is the worst for sure

  7. Ridiculous. There’s no need for them to do this. Everyone who lives in Prime’s footprint knows what Prime shows, there’s no need to show their 7 affiliation, because no normal person cares about this.

  8. Would be interested to know how much it cost, and will cost, Prime to change from the hideous green logo to the yellow one, now to this red thing. Signage, billboards, stationery, etc., etc., etc. Then again, they don’t spend anything on local news these days so guess they can afford it.

  9. As a former Seven employee (in Melbourne) I am still saddened to see what is the beginning of the end of the independent identities of the regional networks.

    Country TV stations are a shell of their former selves, simply a sales office and a place to store cobwebs.

    The metro networks are now all controlled by property companies, stripping land, assets and staff from the stations and outsourcing as much production as possible.
    Imagination and pride has largely disappeared as well.

  10. yay its about time they changed. bring on 7!! and why are ppl criticizing the logo its the same as before except the colour change to red. gee talk about nit picking, so many negative comments.

  11. Why they can’t just do what network affiliates do in the States is beyond me. Main network leaves 10 seconds when programming commences to let the affiliates show their logo n stuff, then the main channel’s watermark appears. It’s easy, and it works.

  12. In 1995 Sunshine Television was puchased 100% by the Seven Network and since then have been branded broadly as 7QLD and into the local markets as 7 Cairns, 7 Townsville, 7 Mackay, 7 Rockhampton, 7 Wide Bay, 7 Sunshine Coast and 7 Toowoomba. Each market use the watermark of 7 Cairns, 7 Townsville etc in the right hand of the screen instead of just the 7 logo. Each market have 7 Local News expect Toowoomba and these bulletins are produced on the Sunshine Coast were the presenters pretend they live in your city.

    From 1991-1995 Sunshine Television’s logo also featured the 7 logo so over time the Prime branding maybe dropped in favour of 7 branding only

    You can see the Sunshine Television Network logo here where it featured the logo of the 7 Network en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunshine_Television

  13. Hmm, interesting way to spend their money..

    Logo looks disgusting especially the bar underneath Prime. I heard that a lot of 7 branding will be used in promos, etc but it wont be long until we see 7 branding across Prime7, 7two and 7mate. I believe that ‘Prime7’ branding will be used in local news and Prime based content but 7 branding used for promos, idents, watermark. Im expecting ‘7two on Prime7’ to loose the Prime branding within a few days.

  14. I wish they would just remove the regional affiliate names altogether! Like everyone in the country knows of 7, 9, and 10, yet if you say WIN, PRIME, GWN, TDT, or IMPARJA to a metro individual they have no clue what your on about. ABC and SBS are the same across the country so its about time the rest of the channels became uniform. I live in Griffith NSW and we got TEN the other month and it isnt under any affiliate name and everyone here knew what TEN was before it launched – now this might not have been the case if TDT, WIN TEN, or Southern Cross TEN launched. I was tipped on the 7 Facebook page that a lot of changes were coming in the coming months for the regional affiliates so hopefully this is just the first phase of the “plans” that were mentioned. Now I just need PRIME TV to buy the rights to PRIME Griffith in July and than hopefully there will be some good news for digital TV here.

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