Renewed: Californication

Season 4 has only just premiered in the US but Californication has already been renewed for a fifth season.

Showtime executives would doubtless be delighted that the new season was its highest premiere so far. ELEVEN premiered the same series in Australia on Tuesday.

David Duchovny has spoken about where he sees the show’s future.

“I’d like to go six seasons,” he said. “I always thought six would be a good number …72 episodes would be right.”

But he’s also open to the idea of longer.

“It’s only a 13 week schedule. It’s like shooting a little movie for me. And I love working with the people. We all have a good time. I could continue on…I just say six years because in cable I think it becomes economically not feasible for them to go beyond because they’re going to have to pay me so much money.”


Meanwhile creator and executive producer Tom Kapinos has rejected the notion the show is little more than porn.

“I don’t feel like it’s ever gone too far,” he said. “Porn is people having sex on film. These are people pretending to have sex while naked. I have no regrets at all.”

Source: Deadline, E!, Hollywood Reporter


  1. This is an excellent show.

    What makes it work is, you actually care about the characters and what happens. Even still. Watching the new season having not watched it since the previous one finished. It sucks you right in.

    Yeah there’s sex, nudity and whatever but the fact the show is well written and acted with an emotional core, it’s fine. If it was just that, then there might be an issue. But it’s not.

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