Airdate: Kitchen Whiz

As previously reported, Nine has a new arvo show coming for kids.

Kitchen Whiz is kids game show with a focus on the world of food, cooking and food science.

Hosted by Beau Walker (The Shak) and Andy Minh Trieu (Tomorrow When the War Began, Sisters of War, Rescue Special Ops), it sees contestants aged between 12-14 years old compete in messy tasks, earning points and taking home prizes.

Nine has ordered a whopping one-hundred and thirty episodes. It’s unclear if this will impact on the future of Pyramid.

It begins at 4pm Monday February 21st.


  1. @ MillerT1
    Pyramid was originallly an old American adult format, called “The $10 000 Pyramid.” Various versions ran for almost 30 years in the US, hosted mostly by Dick Clark. The show was revamped as a modern adults format “pyramid” in the US and UK hosted by Donny Osmond. I think the format rights are currently held by Sony Pictures Television.

  2. Yeah I’m sure Shura left 9, so all the Pyramid episodes that are currently showing must either be repeats or shows that haven’t previously aired. Any idea as to what’s going to happen to Saddle Club?

    @MillerT1 A grown-up version does sound like a good idea. I think that when a contestant says part of the word if they lost 5 points it would make it more interesting.

  3. Reply – MillerT1

    Kids WB has two new hosts, Lauren Phillips (Gary Ablett’s gf and Postcards regular) and newcomer Andrew Faulkner. To be screened daily on GO! and weekends on 9.

  4. If he left 9, where does that leave Kids WB?

    Nine should make an adult version of Pyramid. It would probably be a better show in this format, even though it’s already good as it is.

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