Caption blunder in Underbelly telemovie

A ‘specially-prepared’ edition of Underbelly which screened to viewers in New South Wales last night may have carried different audio, but the Closed Captions which accompanied it were identical around the country.

Tell Them Lucifer was Here had been altered by Channel Nine due to a pending legal case in New South Wales, principally changing the names of certain characters.

But the Closed Captions, which provide subtitles for the hearing impaired, used the original names of the characters as seen by viewers in other states of Australia.

Nine had been sensitive to legal issues by revoicing some scenes, using CGI, withholding media DVDs and limiting cast for interviews, especially in New South Wales.

The error could carry significant legal ramifications.

Last night a Nine spokesperson declined to comment on the matter to TV Tonight.

NB: Please note some comments may be edited for legal reasons.


  1. In 18 months they’ll get a slap on the wrist from the .. oh what are they called… you know that spineless organisation that tells the TV stations they’ve beed bad little people??

    And then Ch9 will vow to never do it again and that everyone will go back into training…

    Wash. Spin. Recycle.

  2. So they didn’t do the hilarious pixellate-the-problem-person thing they did with the first series of real Underbelly? 🙂

    Oh, it was titled “Tell Them Lucifer Was Here” btw. And the entire thing aired with annoying white dots across the top of the screen.

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