Renewed: NCIS

As if there was any doubt.

NCIS has been renewed, for an impressive ninth season.

This week in the US it hit a new record, 22.9 million viewers, up from its previous high of 22 million viewers in January, and its best 18-49 rating since October 2009.

Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, “It’s simply amazing that a show in its eighth season continues to perform at such an elite level.

“This is a tribute to the hard work of its talented writers, producers and cast for bringing to life such compelling stories and characters with intrigue and humor.”

The news is very good indeed for NCIS showrunner, Aussie Shane Brennan.

Meanwhile Mark Harmon has also signed a two-year deal with CBS.

The show also pulled a very healthy 1.44m viewers for TEN this week.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. i loved this show but ever since Ten kept changing when new episodes were on few years back i lost track of it coz i didnt know when it would be on but great news for a great show

  2. Its great to see that a “spinoff” show is excelling in the States. JAG set the foundation for this series and is not given enough credit for doing so. It had the same writers, producers but was treated badly in the end by CBS and poor writing.

    Lets hope CBS and Bellisarius Productions have learnt by their mistakes. JAG was canned because it became too expensive and Donald Bellisario cut David James Elliott to save costs. Lets hope NCIS doesn’t get treated the same way in a couple of years and that the writers continue to keep up the standard.

  3. Well i hope everyone on the show got new, lucrative contracts for the new season and not just Mark Harmon (although he is excellent in his role)

    I think this week’s episode for Ten got such high numbers due to the promos speculating that someone would be killed off

  4. Great achievement… but I just don’t get it… I have tried to watch and like this show, but it just seems so formulaic. From the contrived affectations adopted by the characters to the quite ridiculous premise of a crime-riddled Navy, the totally unnatural dialogue to the pseudo-scientific techno babble – it all just seems to be a bit try hard.

    Obviously I’m in the minority!

    Maybe I should just relax and treat NCIS like ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’… I totally missed the level that was made on as well and ended up loving it once I realised it was meant to be ridiculous (wasn’t it?).

  5. Holy Ratings Batman… That’s got to be un-heard of, maybe Gunsmoke could claim ratings success like that so late in their run. That’s amazing, a true credit to everyone involved.

    See Australian Drama Producers, if you write a show well you don’t need all the main characters screwing each other to get ratings.

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