TEN board dumps CEO Grant Blackley

Breaking News: The board of Ten Network Holdings has dismissed Chief Executive Officer Grant Blackley and Lachlan Murdoch has accepted the role of acting CEO.

Breaking news:

The board of Ten Network Holdings has given notice to Grant Blackley as its Chief Executive Officer and announced that Lachlan Murdoch will become its acting CEO whilst searching for a replacement.

TEN Network Holdings includes Network TEN, Eye Corp Pty Limited and other companies.

Blackley had only been in the top Board job since mid-December, after replacing Nick Falloon. He was also CEO of Network TEN.

Chairman Brian Long said: “The Board continues to be responsible for all decisions regarding the strategic direction of the Company, and has decided to conduct an immediate strategic review of the Company’s operations.

“I would like to thank Grant Blackley for his contribution to the Company over some 20 years. The Board would also like to thank Lachlan Murdoch for agreeing to accept an interim role at the Board’s request.”

There are media reports Bruce Gordon, who owns 14 per cent of TEN, and James Packer, who owns 9 per cent, backed Murdoch.

In recent weeks there has been some questioning of TEN’s new on-air strategy including from shareholders.

Despite the network pitching its 6-7pm news overhaul as a long-term vision has so far failed to attract a significant following.

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  1. Most likely this is all to do with the upcoming AFL and NRL rights negotiations?
    The board is now back in charge at TEN which it has not been since the Canadians left. This will be interesting. Hopefully it does not mean another Bob Shanks style relaunch debacle, who remembers that dark period at TEN?

  2. I beg you james and lachlan…Please put pride ahead of profit. Most of us have a soft spot for ten who we have all grown up with. Including you both. We dont want crap like aca and tt James make a tv network you can be proud of like you dad did. And you will be remembered as a legend of the industry. Hopefully this is a hobby for you guys that we can all enjoy and the proud of

  3. This is sick

    Okay so Lachlan Murdoch temporary CEO of Ten.
    The biggest show on the network is Masterchef which is handled by the Shine Group.
    Shine’s CEO is Lachlan Murdoch’s older sister. Shine has just been taken over by News Corp which Rupert Murdoch owns. Isn’t this collusion of some kind? Is it allowed?

    Goodbye 7pm project… i will miss you :'(

  4. In recent weeks-I was reading some websites and they reported TEN was joining 9 in bringing the popular US TV catch-up site, Hulu to Australia.

    TEN and Eleven has a lot of CBS shows and Hulu in the US doesn’t even have that).

    Wonder what Lachlan will be doing about that

  5. My guess is that 6pm will remain (Y do they repeat it at 10:30pm) & evening news will be replaced by Jamie’s cooking edventures or repeats. I think TEN will have more changes in the next month by Abbott & Costello (Packer & Murdoch).

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