Ventoura, MacPherson join Wild Boys.

Two Channel Seven stars, Zoe Ventoura and Daniel MacPherson, have signed on to new drama series, Wild Boys.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, the series is an adventurous bushranger drama with horses, gold, bushrangers, power and corruption.

Ventoura quit Packed to the Rafters to pursue a Hollywood career.

“I went to LA late last year and took meetings and did some great auditions. The plan was to move, but then this came up, I read the script and just fell in love with it,” she says.

MacPherson has also spent time in the US pursuing Hollywood opportunities.

“It was a really big decision to put off LA again as I’ve spent the last two or three years working towards heading there,” he says.

Seven’s Tim Worner recently told TV Tonight the series would have international appeal.

“We’re kind of adopting a philosophy of ‘let’s put on what’s not on.’ We looked across the landscape and thought ‘Gee I can’t see any bushranger dramas,’” he said.

The series is due to begin shooting in late March in northern Sydney and expected to debut later this year.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun


  1. No no no she should never of left packed to the rafters I just finishing watching season 3 to and was devastated it was soooooo sad 🙁 poor benno do t worrieill marry you lol but no it s sad she leaves there such an amazing couple on rafters good luck Zoe

  2. I think she was right to leave Rafters, almost everyone is, but she should of heading for some Aussie film roles or made for TV mini series, or more guest roles on other shows.

    I don’t think it worked out that well for her in the US. Plus doesn’t she still have a that bondi vet as a boyfriend?

  3. I think Daniel Macpherson is getting a bit of a bad rap here….I mean granted the guy isn’t Sean Penn or anything in the acting stakes, but he has never really pretendws to be. I think he has good TV appeal and does a fine job in roles he is in and has come a long way from Neighbours days. Theres plenty of actors on TV right now who are woeful actors but have being cast for looks only ( That ex temptation model who’s on Neighbours now is a prime example-horrific actor) but I think macpherson has risen above that now. As for Ventoura – I think she left Rafters coz she was given nothing to do on the show- essentially she was a secondary character to the rest so cant blame her for wanting to leave. A lead role in this would definitely be worth coming back for over uncertainty in LA.

  4. Funny how they all leave Aussie shows to go “make it in Hollywood” but then sign the first Aussie tv show they get offered.
    Liked the sound of the show when it was first revealed. Like Zoe. But yep as everyone’s said already, Daniel Macpherson is a bad actor. He was the weak link in City Homicide so i’m glad he left that.

  5. why do all these aussie actors and actresses think they can make it big in L.A, the reality is theres a 10% chance of actually finding work in a major production. Ventoura and MacPherson should of just stuck to rafters and homicide.

  6. I think the casting of Daniel McPherson wrecked CH – you may recall me posting here how ridiculous I found the fact he solved every crime. Seven got lucky with Rafters – real zeitgeist show with great casting. Not sure about Winners and Losers or McLeods /Deadwood mashup here at all.

  7. This is a real suprise, i like Zoe but not Daniel, i’m now more interested to see what other cast members will be in it.

    I’m sure rafters fans won’t be happy that she left the show only to stay in Australia for another show

  8. Ha, I remember when this was first revealed that plenty of people predicted that Channel 7’s stable boy macpherson would definitely be one of the wild boys….its a shame casting has become so predictable. Hopefully Ventoura gets given more to do than she did in Rafters.

  9. Sounds like an obvious remake of Cash and Company, an Aussie drama from the late 70’s which as I remember was about a couple of bushrangers. Paul Mercurio’s father was one of the stars. I also seem to remember that it screened on Channel 7. Their drama department has obviously been nosing around in the archives room and stumbled across this old show and thought it was ripe for a remake. Things mustn’t have been panning out in LA for Ventoura.

  10. When Wild Boys was first announced I was excited because I think I forgot to pay attention to the fact that Channel 7 was producing it.

    Now knowing that Daniel McPherson and Zoe Ventoura will be appearing in it brings my expectations crashing back down to reality. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  11. That’s a shame. Was looking forward to this, but with MacPherson in it, will give it a miss. The guy can’t act at all. He has the same constipated expression for anger, sorrow, joy, lust, bemusement, greed and guilt. Maybe he can play a horse.

  12. So they’ve cast two leads who can’t wait to run away to LA again the first chance they get? I like them both, it just doesn’t bode well if the show continues for a few seasons, does it?

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