Airdate: AFL Premiership Season 2011 (TEN)

TEN’s launch of the AFL season begins with a Carlton v Richmond game on Thursday March 24, which will affect programming mostly in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

This will put these cities behind Sydney and Brisbane for The Good Wife and Law & Order: SVU plus an Undercover Boss episode for Melbourne.

Some events will also broadcast on ONE.

Adelaide viewers will also get a premiere of Simply Footy (no more details at this stage).

Sydney viewers will also have an Election Special.

Changes are as follows:

Thursday March 24
7:30pm AFL: Carlton v Richmond
10:30pm 6pm with George Negus rpt

Friday March 25
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm The Biggest Loser
9:30pm Blue Bloods

Saturday March 26
12pm Australian F1 Grand Prix (Live)

7:30pm AFL: Adelaide Crows v Hawthorn (Live)
11:00pm M: The Italian Job

Thursday March 24
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm AFL: Carlton v Richmond
10:30pm 6pm with George Negus

Saturday March 26
11:30am Australian F1 Grand Prix (Live)
1:30pm AFL: Collingwood V Port Adelaide (Live)
4:30pm Australian F1 Grand Prix (Live)

5:35pm Simply Footy (Premiere)
6:00pm TEN Evening News
6:30pm Before The Game
7:00pm AFL: Adelaide Crows v Hawthorn (Live)
10:30pm M: The Italian Job

Thursday March 24
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm AFL: Carlton v Richmond
10:30pm 6pm with George Negus rpt

Saturday March 26
9:00am Australian F1 Grand Prix (Live)
3:30pm M: The Western Front
5:00pm AFL: Brisbane Lions V Fremantle (Live)
10:45pm M: Evolution

Thursday March 24
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm The Good Wife
9:30pm Law & Order: SVU
10:30pm 6PM With George Negus rpt
11:00pm AFL: Carlton v Richmond

Saturday 26th March
12pm Australian F1 Grand Prix

6:30pm TEN News Election Special
8:30pm TBA
10:45pm AFL: Adelaide Crows v Hawthorn

Thursday March 24
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm The Good Wife
9:30pm Law & Order: SVU
10:30pm 6PM With George Negus rpt
11:00pm AFL: Carlton v Richmond

Saturday 26th March
11:00am Australian F1 Grand Prix

7:00pm AFL: Brisbane Lions V Fremantle (Live)


  1. I’m worried about the future of The Good Wife. I don’t follow football, so this is a loss for me. Back when Channel 9 had the footy, it totally screwed with their showing of Monk in the AFL states. They made a real mess of it, I think it was like 5 different states were up to 5 different episodes. They solved the problem by cancelling it everywhere, even though in America the show ran for almost a decade or something and kept on winning heaps of awards.

    Now Channel 10 has the footy, and TGW seems to be in peril of a similar fate …

  2. I have written this on Channel Ten’s Facebook page. I will also be ringing them and giving them an absolute ear bashing about their dumb choice.

    Warning for Channel Ten: Please don’t turn your coverage of the football into the same way as Channel 7 does by delaying blockbuster games by hours. Thursday Night Football is the beginning of the 2011 AFL season, and you are broadcasting the game at 8.30 into Adelaide as a 2 hour delay while Melbourne gets it on a short 30 minute delay. Why, oh why do you have to show The Biggest Loser on at 7.30 in Adelaide? Melbourne sees The Biggest Loser on Friday Night so why can’t Adelaide have the same situation? Even if Adelaide gets an hour delay (showing the game at 7.30 into Adelaide) would be a much better situation then showing it on a huge delay at 8.30. Trust me Ten, I and other SA Football fans have full respect for your network for showing Saturday AFL games live into SA, but please don’t show games on delay at 8.30 like Seven does, because we all know that no football fan likes Channel 7.

  3. @ Geoff, Damien is right, you must be a channel 7 executive. How can you possibly defend the long delays by 7 in particular into Perth. This is 2011, you have Twitter, Txting, the internet, email and not to mention phone calls. What does all that have to do with live football, well when your generally 3 hours behind the actual coverage time it’s pretty hard to avoid getting the final result on friday night football and that’s before the coverage in Perth even starts!

    You mention “fan friendly” viewing times – if I already know the result why would I watch a replay? I’d hardly call 3 hour delays “fan friendly”.

  4. I don’t understand what you mean when you say “…5 out of 14 Sunday night games Live into many markets”. The NFL regular season has 16 games across 17 weeks, hence 17 Sunday night games that they actively promote as being live across the country. In addition to the television coverage NBC provide an associated website called Sunday Night Football Extra where locals in the US can access additional game coverage information as well as the live broadcast.

    Close to 80% of Americans have Internet access. It is not really a luxury today, it is a necessity.

    I’m afraid that some of the information you are posting is not accurate. If you live in the US you will get live access to your home team’s game, you will get live access to at least one late afternoon game, and you will get live access to the standalone Sunday night game. In addition to all that, if you want to watch any other game and are prepared to pay, you will get live access to that game.

    In Australia with AFL, there is no choice. The network totally dictates how and when we will see the game. A 3 hour delay on Friday night, which meets the definition of a replay is not good enough in 2011.

  5. So Damien, as you do follow the NFL quite closely without the use of the internet or relying on relays American viewers only see 5 of 14 Sunday night games Live into many markets.

    I’m not sure how that is soo much better then the current AFL standard? Atleast you’ve got the ability to watch all those games on a television on delay. I’m not saying the current AFL system is great, I just don’t get how you come on here and complain that WA doesn’t get live games when as written above they Do sometimes and then claim the US system is soo great and the AFL should copy it.

    If we followed the US NFL model, you would be coming on here every week that you only ever see West Coast & Freo games and have no idea why every team comes over there and beats them convincingly because you never see any other team!

  6. I have acknowledged, in my first post, that Channel 10 Perth show Saturday night fixtures involving West Coast and Fremantle live. I applaud them for this coverage.

    However, the same cannot be said for Channel 7 Perth. In the last three years, there has only been one Friday night regular season fixture involving West Coast or Fremantle that has been shown on less than a 1 hour delay. Typically, however they show it on a 2 hour delay, if the game is in Perth, or a 3 hour delay, if the game is in Melbourne. i.e. it is still shown at 8:30pm Perth time.

    We have no choice to view it elsewhere. Even if we are prepared to pay. Replays are not what we are after, we want live coverage. I really don’t think you can argue that residents of the US would have to put up with this scenario.

    I follow the NFL very closely and am quite aware of how CBS televise AFC games, and Fox televise NFC games, into particular markets, i.e. the locations of the two competing teams with generally the 4:15pm afternoon games going to a wider audience. Likewise, NBC shows the Sunday night football game live around the country regardless of location.

    Channel 10 Perth’s coverage of the opening fixture really highlights to me that the coverage of the game that I love is very poor and seems to be getting worse. The AFL has to do more to protect its product. If that means less money from television rights, so be it. I believe they are being very short sighted.

  7. @ Damien,

    Which apples are we trying to compare here? Because you said your a WA AFL fan wanting to watch WA AFL teams play LiveAFL, yes? Re-read the article, Perth is getting Brisbane Vs Freo Live on Saturday March 26th.

    You can’t use the Thursday night delayed game as an excuse because I thought both Richmond & Cartlon were Victorian teams, yes?

    And you definately can’t use American sports as a true “apples for apples” comparison, in a country that works on a “affiliate” set up, with each area choosing what to shown where and when. I disagree with Koacr & Damien that you can get every Game live even via. Cable or online, atleast if you want to pay for Pay-tv you can catch every game of the AFL season on replay within days of the game.

  8. Having lived in the US (Boston MA) if you want to watch a game NFL \ NBA \ MLB live there is a means to watch that game live,whether it be through cable \ league pass etc

    The US model which IMO is as close to perfect as any sports TV model in the world, thrives on the major leagues wanting to show their product live into as many markets as possible, therefore the TV stations are forced to follow this lead or risk being locked out of the “experience” of being an NFL \ NBA channel

    Many people on the East Coast have no problem staying up late to watch a Lakers game on the west coast live and vice versa – catching the last half of an East Coast game when working is LA.

    Live sports on TV is the best way to promote and grow the product.

  9. @ Geoff, I’m starting to get the feeling that you are associated with one of the big television networks in this country…most likely Channel 7 as they have the most to answer for in my opinion.

    What you are doing is comparing my situation, where I am a fan of a WA AFL team and live in WA, with a situation where you are a fan of a team from one city and live in another city. You need to compare apples with apples and you’re not.

    From my experience of spending six months in the US – I know you spent longer there, if the local team was playing, it was live on TV.

    And with regard to not being able to see say the Pittsburgh Steelers if you live in North Carolina, that is simply not true. In the US there is choice. Go to the NFL website and check out the link for “Game Access”. You are able to pay a subscription to get games live on your PC. Sure, it costs money, but you have choice. We do not have that choice in this country. If Foxtel were allowed to show Friday Night Football, I would pay for the privilege.

    We don’t have choice, so yes I am saying that the US sport broadcast landscape is way better than what we deal with in Australia.

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