Airdate: The Game Plan NRL

Next week there's a new NRL show in town, set to air on ONE.

Next week there’s a new NRL show in town, The Game Plan NRL, set to air on ONE.

Andrew Moore, Steve ‘Blocker’ Roach and Joel Caine will preview the weekend’s games, talk about the week’s NRL news and look at team and injury news.

NRL boss David Gallop and new Bronco Ben Hannant will be special guests.

It airs @ 8.30pm Thursday March 10 on ONE, one hour before The Footy Show.

An interesting move given Seven has not slated The Matty Johns Show.

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  1. Great show. serious and informative.

    Absolutely a play for TEN to get a foot in on the NRL rights. possible split with Nine next year. Might actually get FTA high def NRL again. Thank good for FOX Sports HD atm.

    as Michael said…. One should sign the Continuous call team now ready for next season. just in case.

  2. Woo hoo!!! Finally, I can watch a preview show about the footy in Melbourne at a decent hour!!! Hopefully the footy at a decent time is the next logical step, Channel 9 or not…

  3. Keep Hadley, Brohman and their idiot antics away from this show and it might have a chance. I refuse to listen to the crapulence which is the Continuous Call, as it has about as much in common with the NRL as the Ch Nein Footy Show.

    The NRL needs a show about the NRL. No dressing up in drag. No stupid antics. Just NRL.

  4. I hope the AFL and NRL board realises the potential of ONE HD and split the rights to the NRL Season evenly around all network; would be good to have ONE HD broadcasting the NRL and AFL games Friday night NRL both games can air live (One on Nine the other on ONE HD).

  5. Excellent news. A serious show about Rugby League. Wonder if it has anything to do with Lachlan Murdoch being a Rugby League fan? His wife is also a member of the Eagle Angels manlyseaeagles.com.au/eagles-angels-who-we-are.asp?tx=27

  6. This looks good will give it a go. This could be the begining of a successful partnership between Network Ten and The NRL. No doubt this will rate well in the Rugby League states, its good to see it on ONE HD so that every NRL fan can watch it no matter where they live.

  7. now all they need now is to get Ray Hadley, Bob Fulton and ‘The Big Marn” Daryl Broman over from the footy show and it will basically be ‘The Continous call team” on TV which would be a lot of fun especially if you ever listen to their Saturday Afternoon show on 2GB

  8. Blocker was a semi-regular panel member on The Matty Johns Show as well as a former member of The Footy Show (NRL), so I reckon One is getting serious about NRL – unlike Seven which has effectively killed two NRL shows (Matty Johns and Controversy Corner).

  9. Andrew Moore and Steve Roach are part of 2GB’s hugely popular “Continuous Call” commentary team (the main caller is Ray Hadley), so this program could pull a lot of viewers in Sydney and Brisbane.

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