Airdate: Whites

Not another cooking show on TV?

Not quite.

Whites is a comedy series with Alan Davies as a head chef trying to become a celebrity chef by writing a cookbook.

With apologies to Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, this feels a bit like The Office in a kitchen. If you like your comedy dry, check this one out.

Set in the high pressured kitchen of a beautiful country house hotel, brand new UK comedy series Whites follows the trials and tribulations of head chef Roland White (Alan Davies) and his sous chef Bib (Darren Boyd).

Roland is a fantastic chef who was on the brink of success 15 years ago, but has since lost the sparkle and drive needed to win that long coveted Michelin star. When he puts his mind to it he can cook with the best of them, but laziness gets the better of him, much to the annoyance of the restaurant’s manager and Roland’s secret admirer, Caroline (Katherine Parkinson).

In the first episode we meet Roland White and his team in the kitchen of the White House restaurant. His sous chef Bib Spears is working under masses of pressure, whilst Roland is taking his own time, away from service, to write a book that nobody has asked him to, much to the annoyance of restaurant manager Caroline.

Spurred on by the news a publisher is coming to dinner with owner Celia (Maggie Steed), he sets about showing his worth as a top chef. To assist his put upon sous chef, he hires an apprentice Skoose (Stephen Wight). Bib is overjoyed. This, however, is short lived…

Assisted by kooky waitress Kiki (Isy Suttie), the team pull together under the pressure of a busy dinner service to keep it running smoothly, and impress the guests with their top quality food. Will they do it?

It airs 9:30pm Thursday March 17th on ABC1.


  1. This only lasted one season on the BBC because it was very expensive to produce, apparently. I think it’s a great timeslot as the equally dark Getting On will air right after at 10pm.

    Will be watching both!

  2. Love Alan Davies, so I’ll certainly give this a go.
    Agree with you, J Bar, why on at that time?
    I’d like to see it at 8pm (any night on the ABC, nothing else riveting any other weekday IMO!).

  3. Why are all the good shows being programmed into 9.30 slots this year? There’s Graham Norton and Desperate Housewives already in this slot on Thursday nights.

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