Criminal Minds update

More Criminal Minds will replace City Homicide on Seven... also updates on My Kitchen Rules, Conviction Kitchen and Brothers & Sisters.

When City Homicide wraps on March 30th it will be replaced by Criminal Minds on April 6th on Seven.

This will see two first run episodes at 8:30 / 9:30pm.

Meanwhile in other Seven changes, My Kitchen Rules will be a 90 minute episode on Monday March 28th, pushing Conviction Kitchen / Brothers and Sisters back to 9pm / 10pm.

My Shocking Story moves to 11pm for the voyeurs.

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  1. Why the hell are cops shows and all the gore that goes with them on at 8:30 and shows like Brothers & Sisters and House etc (yes, House has just been reinstated to 8:30) continually shafted to late time slots.

    Heaven forbid we should let kids see a show that is open minded and informative in an early timeslot when they can watch a maggot eating a corpse and bodies being blown apart.

  2. No Seven.How about making wednesdays your medical shows/desperate housewives night when city homicide ends and move the comedies back to Thursday where they belong.Greys/DH and Private Practice totally look out of Place after an hour of How I met your Mother.

  3. @Ruddeger,

    Seven said that would never happen unless they were desperate. I would say that CM: SB will fill the void while CM is off for the break. First episode of SB is bad but by the episode which just aired this week was a bit better but they need to fix some aspects of it by next season because it seems a bit like the cast of SB don’t want to be there. There just isn’t any gel.

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