Danger…. The Inbetweeners filming in Majorca.

When it comes to holiday disasters who else but The Inbetweeners‘ hapless Simon (Joe Thomas) would you expect to see laid out on a stretcher?

That’s what one UK newspaper grabbed during filming of the upcoming feature, currently underway in Majorca, Spain.

The movie picks up where Series 3 ended, with the four friends preparing to go their separate ways after leaving school. But they reunite for a lads holiday in the Mediterranean without their parents. A certain recipe for alcohol-debauched mayhem and the opportunity to finally sleep with some girls, instead of just talking about it.

The film gets a UK release in August.

You can see more at the Daily Mail.


  1. Excellent! One last hurrah for the terrible quartet. Let’s hope Jay gets a woman after all. 🙂 I’m doubting this will be shown in the cinemas here before Christmas, by which time the DVD would be out in the UK.

    Anyone who is a fan of Simon Bird (Will in The Inbetweeners) should check out Friday Night Dinner with Green Wing’s Tamsin Greig and Mark Heap. It had a promising start last week in the UK and I found it very funny, even if Simon Bird’s character is a reincarnation of Will. Good to see a renewal for Episodes as well which I didn’t expect.

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