Luke Jacobz back to host X Factor

While question marks hover over the judging panel for The X Factor, Luke Jacobz was yesterday confirmed to return to the hosting role.

Jacobz was rushed into the role when Matthew Newton had to be replaced. After some tenuous starts in live shows, he settled into the live shows as the series progressed.

Jacobz has also endorsed the idea of former Spice Girl Mel B joining the judging panel.

“The whole show isn’t Kyle, the show is about singers,” he told The Advertiser. “I think this year is going to be even bigger. It’s a very different format from other singing shows so it takes people a little while to get used to.”

Other names in media speculation to replace Kyle Sandlilands have included Natalie Bassingthwaighte and even Delta Goodrem -that is, until the latter ruled herself out via Twitter.

Guy Sebastian is known to be keen to return and the signs are good for Ronan Keating and Natalie Imbruglia.

Auditions begin in Perth shortly.

Source: Advertiser


  1. Hi Luke Jacobz,
    It Justin O’Neill and i really enjoyed your action on the x factor and home away so i am on facebook as well and i will add you In.
    thanks Justin

  2. If they’re after the same old names, I would prefer Tina Arena or Darren Hayes over Delta or Nat Bass, since the former two are more credible and less exposed.

  3. Melaine Brown just confirmed she is pregnant again,dont think she would like to be travelling now.And Natalie is now said to be not returning to the new series.

  4. David I read on another forum the following;
    “According to the Sunday Telegraph, it’s believed that Guy and Ronan have resigned”

    I don’t know how accurate that reporting is though.

  5. never for a second did i think the show was “about Kyle” Luke so im good.
    last year i watched about 2 hours total of X Factor and that was to tell apart the good, the bad and cliche. haha

  6. I think Mel B would be good, but will she commit to coming her for such a long period. Susie Ahern, although a lot of people don’t know her, has been a back up singer on most Aussie variety shows and is also a very good vocal coach. She could mentor the contestants very well. Thank god Delta Goodrem isn’t going to be in it.

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