Meredith Baxter breaks down on Oprah

Meredith Baxter, best known as the mother in Family Ties, has recently been giving some interviews in the US in which she has spoken about domestic abuse in her previous marriage.

The alleged abuse from former husband David Birney (and co-star of Bridget Loves Bernie) took place behind the scenes during her time on the long-running sitcom.

The allegations have been denied by 71-year-old Birney.

This follows a 2009 interview last year when she admitted she is now in a same-sex relationship.

While the emotional stuff is in this clip at 8:30, there is also an ‘Oprah moment’ earlier from about 4:30 that might be of interest first.



  1. Heart breaking stuff but also inspiring. Those two still seem to have great chemistry all these years later I hope she has nothing but happiness in the future

  2. Armchair Analyst

    Sad that it happend to her back then. Its very sad in general that a successful sitcom has such negatives behind the scenes, however it also speaks volumes of their acting ability that when the camera starts rolling that they can just put it behind to one side, even if it is until the camera stops rolling.

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