Million Dollar double dose dropped into Thursday

Panic stations at Nine? A second episode of Million Dollar Drop has just been slated to replace CSI.

Panic stations at Nine?

In a surprising move, Nine has just scheduled a second episode of Million Dollar Drop into 8:30pm Thursday night, in place of CSI.

This will be a new episode, not a repeat.

Last night the new Eddie McGuire game show pulled 933,000 viewers -second in its timeslot.

Today Nine also scheduled replays of that episode for Sunday afternoons.

Sounds like an all or nothing gamble by the network. Will it work?

Updated: TMMD runing Mon and Thursday this week and next. CSI back April 7th.

Further Update: CSI back in for Melb March 24.

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  1. So there was not enough room in the schedule to get a ratings winner in Survivor on, but they’re happy to drop programs to get in the Million Dollar Flop? Hypocritical much?

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