Sunday edition of A Current Affair

Nine will air a special Sunday night edition of A Current Affair at 6:30pm tonight.

Tom Steinfort will be reporting on the ground in Japan with Tracy Grimshaw hosting.

Customs will follow at 7pm.

Send in the Dogs Australia is out.


  1. Hello I want to make a comment on what Dick Smith said on ACA Sunday, he was complaining about people having more overseas stuff in their homes than Australian made.
    Well what makes me mad is when Dick Smith owned Dick Smith stores he had oversese products in his stores & even now he is still lending his name to those stores & they still sell overseas products.
    It’s about time he got off the Aussie Band Wagan He is a joke, tell people to buy Australian when the reason he imported products from overseas was because it was cheaper for him

  2. I was moved by the artical on the boy bullied who fought back, Sometimes you have to fight Fire with Fire but wouldnt it be great to interview the parents of the little so& so responsible and see how they feel about there golden little boy being one of The worlds most hated types?

  3. so surely ACA wouldnt use a catastraphe to get in before TT on the story of the niece of robert hughes? TT has the interview with the niece tonight.

  4. Desperate4aviewer

    As a sidenote- Dear Tracy, once upon a time I used to take you seriously, but by association with the ACA brand alone, you too my dear are a joke. How cam you expect Joe blow to take you seriously when you are the one that is the face of the supermarket wars, wonder bra’s, miracle diet pill, and shonky neighbours stories? You then get an occasional interview with your so called “hard hitting” questions and think you are Gods gift to journalism. Sadly you don’t even resemble the once great journalist you were. Also I’m sorry but my sympathy for you after Ramsay implied you were a fat lesbian is over. You need to earn my respects again as a talented journalist because right now your name is a joke just like the Karl and lisa’s and Mel and lictors of this world.

  5. Desperate4aviewer

    How much more pathetic can the once mighty channel 9 get? ACA is cringeworthy embarrassing. This garbage pollutes Monday-Friday why oh why do the desperate 9 programmers think it was required on a Sunday? It added nothing to what we already knew. Ironically the only substance to the program was added by a certain CNN reporter. Karl doing real news is just awkward he should really stick to the light and fluffy fake forced laughter and “fun” of the Today show. Nine have lost all credibility in news! Apart from Mark Burrows and occasionally Robert Penfold when he’s not filing the latest story on Lindsay who is left with some gravitas and respect as a journo at nine?

  6. I didn’t even bother watching this, are we really surprised it was that bad?

    As for 60 Minutes (Which I skipped this week) I know the stories are pre-taped but surely they could have done a live plus segments for this major event. Or like other have suggested having a 1 hours Nine News Special on before 60 Mins?

  7. I thought they were doing a special on the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami not doing there normal dribble.ACA is a complete load of junk that needs to be destroyed at all costs.

    • Yes I was disappointed it resorted to wedding dresses for the royals and a Hey Dad spoiler. Why do we need this on a Sunday? Karl standing there on the street telling us what we already knew. Anna Coren was the only piece of any substance. Ironic.

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