Airdate: The Corner

Fans of The Wire and Treme may be interested to catch this 6 part miniseries by writers David Simon and David Mills.

The Corner chronicles the life of a family living in poverty amid the open-air drug markets of West Baltimore. However it was produced in 2000, in between Simon’s other projects Homicide: Life on the Streets and The Wire.

Some of the actors later appeared in The Wire.

Based on the critically acclaimed The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood, this mmy-winning realistic miniseries focuses on three inhabitants of inner-city Baltimore: Gary McCullough, Fran Boyd and their 15-year-old son DeAndre, all of whom live on or near Fayette Street, a neighbourhood ravaged by the ubiquitous presence of drugs, addicts and street-corner dealers.

Once the embodiment of the American Dream, 34-year-old Gary McCullough has seen four years of drug addiction strip him of his money, his career and his family. When he’s not crashing at his parents’, Gary hangs around a dilapidated crack house and has one mission: to get his next drug fix. When he’s not shooting up with his scheming girlfriend Ronnie (Tasha Smith), Gary scours the neighbourhood for heroin or a spare cigarette, swaps stories with fellow addicts like Fat Curt (Clarke Peters) and Blue (Glenn Plummer), and scrounges for money by teaming up with cohorts like Tony (Ron Brice).

Occasionally Gary encounters his ex-wife Fran Boyd (Khandi Alexander), who’s got her own serious drug habit but who seems more determined to beat it, even as she’s getting high with her sister Bunchie. Gary also runs into his 15-year-old son DeAndre (Sean Nelson), a smart kid who lives with his mom, has a girlfriend named Tyreeka, and has a fledgling corner business selling cocaine for a dealer named Bugsy.

It begins at 8:30pm on Friday May 13 on Showcase.

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