Another April Fool’s gag: Play School axed

April 1st continues to wreak havoc on television with the ABC having to deny a prank that Play School has been axed.

The Australian’s TV writer Amanda Meade tweeted today that, “After 45 years the ABC has decided to stop producing Play School. “Will open an online pre-school ‘playground’ with Big Ted and co instead.”

“It was funny,” an ABC spokesperson said.

“But it’s not funny when you get calls.”

Meade has since tweeted, “Some of you guessed, but to those of you who didn’t my ‘Play School to end’ tweet was an #aprilfool. Apologies to ABC, who called to correct.”

ABC TV’s spokesperson was good-humoured about it.

“You take it as it comes, its all fun and games,” she said.

“As long as no-one takes it too seriously.”

ABC2 will begin playing first run episodes of Play School from April 11 at 9:30am, prior to children’s content being removed from morning TV on ABC1 in May, and that’s no April Fool’s.



  1. Nearly all of us grew up watching Play School and Sesame Street.Those two shows helped me and my brother learn to read big books before the age of 3.
    I feel sorry for today’s generation who have to rely on Disney or Nickelodeon offerings to learn the basics.

  2. Not as good as the Hey Hey It’s Saturday Logies joke. But in the subject of Play School, it was at its best until the show was massively revamped just over 10 years ago. I know ABC kept rerunning 1990s episodes well into the 2000s, but now I don’t think they air any episodes from any earlier than 2001.

  3. Not very clever. Nowhere near as good as the old “spaghetti harvest” that BBCTV ran. ABC local radio played it this morning.
    Been hoping for something but so far today, nothing. No one creative anymore?

  4. You should clarify that “children’s content being removed from morning TV on ABC1 in May”, means that the preschool shows are moving to ABC for Kids on 2, and the children shows will be on ABC3.

    ABC News Breakfast moves to ABC1.

    ABC1 and ABC2 are showing plenty of adverts in the morning informing of the change.

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