Morag out of Summer Bay

Is it a case of Morag, you are the weakest link, goodbye?

Soapie matriarch Cornelia Frances, who has played Home and Away‘s Morag on and off for 23 years, wrapped her final scene late last week.

News Limited reports the writers have decided to farewell her character in circumstances insiders have called abrupt.

Sources on set said they were surprised at the prompt departure.

But a spokesman said she was signed as a guest artist with her time determined before she began filming.

“Cornelia has wrapped up her current guest stint,” he said.

“Morag is a much loved Summer Bay character and we’re sure we’ll see her back in the Bay.”

Television fans have loved her ability to play sour characters on screen. Few do it better than Frances.

She is well known for her stern hosting of The Weakest Link and as the domineering matron Sister Scott in The Young Doctors.


  1. Catherine, i was thinking that too. Morag loved Roo like a daughter, and there has been no warmth between her and new Roo Georgie Parker. In that scene they had I wondered why was she scowling so much, isn’t she glad to have her niece back. Dosn’t Cornie or the writers remember their history?

  2. she is good on that show. an abrupt end hey. so that means she will be killed off in a terrible storyline. just like the penn storyline and all the other rubbish storylines of the last 4 years

  3. She was a regular character for 1 year in the early years of the show and over the years made extended guest appearances.But like so many talented actors of a certain age she will be out of work again,hope she gets some work back in the theatre.I read her wonderful honest book titled ‘And What Have You Done Lately’ in that book she talked about the lean years in industry.She even took a job in the wine industry at one stage to support herself.Cornelia has had many ups and down in her career,this is just another one.But maybe this will not be her final appearance,lets hope it isnt.

  4. Very disappointed, Morag should always be there, just like Catherine Chancellor in Y&R …
    I agree, a break from Colleen would be good … and there are a lot of good actors on H&A and many have gone on to big success overseas … H&A is a very well made and well written soap … the best!
    We need a lot more H&A stories and interviews on TVTonight!!!!!

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