2.29m!: Matildas draw biggest TV audience so far in 2023.

Seven dominates Monday with a 54.5% share -three times the size of its rivals.

There were Matildas …..and then there was daylight.

A sensational 2-0 win by the Matildas in the FIFA Women’s World Cup has drawn spectacular TV ratings at 2.29m viewers -in the metro market alone.

That skyrockets to the biggest audience of 2023 so far, eclipsing State of Origin I‘s 1.98m metro.

The biggest crowds were in Sydney at 774,000 with Melbourne at 666,000 and Brissy at 347,000.

Those numbers will rise higher once Total TV is confirmed, potentially breaking further records, with Saturday now looming as an ever bigger figure.

Seven network easily won Monday with a staggering 54.4% share – three times the size of its nearest competitor.

Nine was 18.1% then 10 12.5%, ABC 10.4% and SBS 4.5%.

Meanwhile Seven News won its slot at 995,000 / 844,000. The Voice also enjoyed huge numbers at 789,000 with The Chase at 559,000 / 357,000.

Nine News (778,000 / 772,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (657,000), The Block (557,000) and Hot Seat (415,000 / 259,000). A replay of The Weakest Link managed 139,000. Across the network were Footy Classified (55,000) and 100% Footy (36,000).

Have You Been Paying Attention? was 408,000 for 10. Hunted finale averaged 353,000 but rose to 421,000 for “The Extraction.” The Project was 278,000 / 197,000 then 10 News First (222,000 / 170,000) and Tom Gleeson: Lighten Up (101,000).

ABC News was 549,000 then 7:30 (421,000), Back Roads (358,000), Media Watch (287,000), Four Corners (260,000), The Drum (153,000) and Q+A on just 84,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (136,000 / 93,000), Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes (67,000), 24 Hours In Emergency (44,000) and Britain’s Most Expensive Houses (38,000).

Sunrise: 218,000
Today: 182,000
News Breakfast: 103,000 / 47,000

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

Have You Been Paying Attention?:  734,000
Hunted: 702,000
Media Watch: 492,000
Four Corners: 444,000
Home & Away: 981,000
Ashes Series: 1.12m

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 7 August 2023.

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  1. This is so good.
    I was discussing with a work colleague today that it’s refreshing to see women’s sport that is viewed and appreciated for what it is, not sexualised or a lesser alternative. Watching last night I saw athletes, not gender, and loved every minute!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Saturday’s figure is lower. Not because less people would be watching but more would be watching in groups especially at pubs and sports bars.

  3. Wouldn’t say 789k is huge for Voice considering it lost a portion of the lead in and pales in comparison to the lead out rating. Poor Hunted and Q&A. The former has probably done enough for a third season but the ABC should give up on the latter. It is becoming embarrassing now.

  4. Last week’s 4 Corners was postponed to this week because, according to a TV Tonight article, it was considered too important a story to be thrown against a Matildas game.

    That decision must have been made by their consultants.

  5. Wow! 2.29m watching Matildas match. Saturday’s quarter final match will be huge and I am predicting 3 million metro viewers watching the match.

  6. Wow. Very big numbers for the Matildas match. Even beating the State of Origin? Nice.

    I can’t imagine how big Saturday’s Quarter Final match will get.

    1. @ TheMighty_SC IDK, it’s been rescheduled from Saturday lunchtime to 5pm …. not exactly the most conducive time to attain an audience of 3m. We’ll see, I’ll tune in for a bit.

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